Can You Find the American?

26 thoughts on “Can You Find the American?”

  1. The American is at a McDonalds, filling up before heading over to the NASCAR race. After that, more McDonalds before going off on a hunting trip.

  2. Nah. He’s abroad. Killing someone’s family and taking their petrol.

  3. mena, well if you have been to the USA lately, you will surely know that gas prices prove that America hasn’t stolen anyone’s petrol/oil/gasoline. lol

  4. Don’t get confused between Americans and American governement !

  5. Actually the USA is now in a position where it no longer needs to import “petrol”. Can the UK say that? Can any member of the EU say that? Can Japan say that?
    Has Europe fought for their own supply of “petrol”?
    Could Europe do so?
    Would Europe do so?
    Where has the USA “taken” anyone’s “petrol”?
    Next time there is a disaster, don’t call us, we will call you.
    When an earth quake hits your land, fix it without help from USA.
    Stop buying grain from the USA if we are such killers, or getting it free.
    Stop sending your youth to our colleges and university’s for their education.
    Pay your UN dues.
    Move the UN to your country if the USA is so awful.
    Get China and India to do as much as the USA has done to prevent global warming.
    Stop sending your children illegally across the USA’s borders if the USA is so bad.
    Leave the USA alone, we really don’t need you.

  6. Maybe the US should import more butthurt cream.

  7. It’s easy to find the American. If something goes wrong, lay the blame on him. If you need rescuing from facists, communists, or who ever, call the American. If a natural disaster hits, and you need clean water, food, emergency medical help, peace keeping troops, evacuation, and money, call the American. If you find yourself nearly unarmed, and at the mercy of Adolf Hitler (looking at you, Britain) appeal for guns and money and food, get them, defeat Hitler, then dump the guns in the Atlantic, and call the Americans backward and unsophisticated. If your fiscal policy is as bad as ours, and you find yourself nearly in default(looking at you, Mexico) accept billions in dollars to prop up the peso from the Americans, then call their pathetic attempts at securing their own borders, barbaric. It’s easy to find the Americans. When you got trouble, we open our hearts and our wallets and our shores and our homes and lives to the rest of the world, and get shit on in return. Just don’t expect it to go on forever. We’re about to wink out as a nation, and who ever inherits the ruins will not be easy to get along with.

  8. Right, you are cracking up your own continent and poluting your water supplies. Well done. Next wars will be for water then.
    There are no sufficent supplies in the ground under Europe nor Japan. Therefore your question doesn’t make sense.
    Europe does not have to fight as we have peace in our borders. Actually there is no “Europe” in Europe as the continent still consists of idividual countries. Even in the EU. We are not the “Unites States of Europe”.
    “Europe” could do so.
    “Europe” would do so if someone tries to steal oil supplies.
    US companies got quite good contracts for oil drilling after each war. But surely it’s a thanks of the freed folks.
    Actually other countries assisted the US in many desasters like earthquakes or hurricanes. Remember Katrina? Countries tried to help you and the US gov. refused to get help. They actually sent planes full of food for survivors and refugees back to their countries.
    So, please, fix it all yourself next time.
    Only desperate countries buy american grain. You can’t blame them for trying to get their people fed.
    Many see american schools quite overated. If you look on the statistics you might get that. It’s more a question of money than quality.
    The US owes around 150M $ to the UN.
    Move the UN? You mean the administration? You still owe around 520,000,000 Dollars.
    They are trying actually. But they are still far behind our technological and cultural development. It will take time. Be a role model till then. Not preventing yourselves ’cause others can’t is childish.
    You are talking to poor educated people who see no future for their children except crime, rape and death. No wonder they would send their children to this promised land that they see on TV. That nation that was build by illegal immigrants that killed the legal inhabitants by the millions.
    The USA need the world – but the world doesn’t need the USA.

  9. Do not be fooled. The same people who say that the US does not need Middle Eastern oil are the same people who are trying to suppress wind and solar energies. It’s all a money grab.

  10. You should run for office – you have my vote!

  11. Oversees is helpess,tha’s why The US has to take care of bussiness

  12. That was sexist, not all Americans are male.. And what Browns44 said.

  13. i like it! thumbs up

  14. You’re going to make all the babies cry.

  15. Sure well gladly will do it after you stop taking money and pay your dept’s (which impossible :D )

  16. Euro,
    “There are no “sufficent” supplies in the ground under Europe nor Japan.”

    So European countries, who do your get your oil from? You are living at the mercy of those who sell you their oil. And if those sellers decided to stop selling, what can or will you do to get the oil you need back? Remember, the USA is no longer interested in bailing you out of tight spots, because we are so evil, remember?
    Use your own military forces?
    Ask Russia to intervene militarily for you?

    “Suppress wind and solar energy”, a pure b.s. comment. America wishes those sources of energy would work to the point were we could sell our technology to Japan and European countries. But the hard cold facts are, wind and solar are not reliable sources of inexpensive energy. If these sources are so wonderful, how come France and Japan rely heavily so on atomic energy?

    “So, please, fix it all yourself next time.”
    DEAL you got it! And it’s a two way street.

    “The USA need the world – but the world doesn’t need the USA.”
    Good to hear from you President Obama. I hope you bring home all our troops back to the USA from the Balkans, Middle East, Japan, South Korea, etc. Do away with favored nations trade agreements. Close our borders to ALL legal and illegal immigration, after all who would want to come to here anyway? If we owe the UN anything pay them to move AFTER the member nations pay off their parking tickets and any other past due bills owed the USA. Move the UN to the peace loving, workers paradise, like Pyongang. Move the World Heath Organization from Atlanta, GA to let’s say Liberia in Africa.

    They don’t need us, and frankly, as an American, I’m sick to death feeling bad about the USA not being run as efficiently as Greece, or Italy or Venezuela, or Cuba or North Korea.

  17. You are just jealous the USA are not Germany.

  18. Interesting. All you can think of is military interventions. Thanks for pointing that part in US philosophy out. The sellers are dependend on selling their oil. They won’t stop it. Anyway it’s just a question of time till there will be massive alternatives for oil. No one just uses them as there is still enough cheap oil on the markets.
    Yeah, ask Russia, ha ha ha, so funny. Such argument. Like choosing between Scylla and Charybdis.

    Btw. wind and other alternate energies are a growing part in Europe’s power production. It’s just how you manage it. Everybody wonders why the US can’t get it to work with all those free land with lots of wind and sun. Atomic energy is still cheap as most governments subsidize it. Once that will stop it will be dead. Dealing with the waste and maintaining power plants is very expensive.

    Like you would let others “fix it” if it’s against your interests.

    Right. Hold back your 150000000$ until those bas***ds pay for their parking tickets. Yeehaa!

    Well, according to the statistics the US are close to being run… uhm ruined like greece and others. But greece has better health insurance. But that’s communist s**t, I’m sure.

  19. its called oil. or gas

  20. Wow, you did ever get one over on me GER, is it THAT obvious to everyone that the USA is jealous of Germany? Errr, is it East or West Germany we are jealous of? I cant seem to recall which one was it where the people fled from and which one was it that people fled to.
    Master race my foot.

    EUro You are so spot on about backward uncivilized war mongering America, how can you stand having it exist on the same planet as the peace living Europeans is beyond my understanding. Surely one day soon American will wake up and see that a strong central planing government is the modern way to operate today.
    Like Cuba, N. Korea and Venezuela have. And like the former USSR has, man was that a great time in mankind’s history. Too bad it was and still is an object failure.

    I look at it this way, if socialism is so great how come it’s policy’s have to be mandated?
    If the USA is so awful, how come there isn’t a wall around it to keep it’s citizens from fleeing to Mexico or Cuba or for that matter any nation in Europe?

    Statics about our economic problems can be summed up like this, too many people depending on the Federal (FERAL?) govt for their daily bread, not enough people working to pay the taxes it takes to run the govt.
    Solution, cut taxes, cut spending, cut regulations.

    Greece has better health insurance than WHO? N. Korea?

    Do a little research about all that free land and free wind and you will see that the wind turbines are not that efficient as promised. You stumbled on the problem when you said have to be heavily subsidize by govt. Except for water power, green energy works as long as tit’s true cost is subsidized so the consumer doesn’t have to pay the true cost. One day when the govt runs out of other people’s money, the “chickens will come home to roost, um um um’!

  21. hahahaha! another delusional!

  22. We don’t steal it. We kill the bad guys and then buy it from the survivors.

  23. “Who determines who are the ‘Bad Guys’?”
    We do, duh!
    We are the Americans (read: Good Guys)

  24. There is only one Germany now. I won’t tell you which one. Do your homework.
    And, yes, you are right. Germans aren’t the master race. The master race lives in the US. It emerged from all those criminals and religios nutters that were sent to the colonies.

  25. Made in Germany, you have the USA mixed up with Australia.
    As a German you have no grounds to be critical of the origins of a country’s population, as every German today had as their forefathers either a Nazi or a Communist.
    Like the lid calling the kettle black.
    I should have known better than to try a little humor in my post about Germany, as Germans have zero humor.

  26. Actually, you vill find zat ve have plenty of humour. Or ve vill shoot you ha ha ha!

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