If A Is For Apple And B Is For Banana…

What is C for?

8 thoughts on “If A Is For Apple And B Is For Banana…”

  1. QUE??????

  2. When in doubt… C4. Hehe.

  3. C is for Semtex??? I dont get it as semtex was called B1 originally.

  4. The only way a white girl would know that is if she watches SG1, and no white girl watches SG1. SG1 should probably be banned or at least have a 30 minute preamble why white girls shouldn’t touch C4, or play with P90’s.

  5. What? So do “colored” girls watch SG1? Sounds like someones a little obsessed with skin pigmentation. We call those people PIGS 🐷 because they are pigment obsessed. Lots of that going around huh.

  6. My wife watched SG1 and SGA. And Mythbusters.

  7. Jaffa Kree!

  8. C is for corruption in the DNC


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