Buying House Plants


Hey wanna come back to my place and die?


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  1. @HipsterTypist August 22, 2019

    That is kinda true, actually.

    Once upon a time, I was thirteen years old. A venus flytrap seed was in my possession. So, of course, I plant it. The seed was planted in an encasing, mini-greenhouse. Its purpose was to simulate the warm, humid environment of the jungle, where the plant likes to reside. The venus flytrap was watered on a regular basis. It was tended to, it was cared for, and it was loved. I even managed to get the seed to sprout–there was a cute, tiny leaf! It wasn’t until the fateful day of its death arrived that I had to say goodbye. You see, I didn’t clean out its cage one day, and let it sit all night in a moist cage. I woke up the next day to find a dead plant, completely surrounded by mold.

    This just goes to show that, number one, I suck at raising plants. And, number two, this post is kinda true.

  2. LA Tent Dweller August 23, 2019

    Is this why dope is expensive?

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