A Love Story Between a Man And a Burrito

After seeing countless friends posting engagement photos on Facebook, San Francisco-based writer David Sikorski decided to reveal to the world his romantic relationship with a Burrito…

11 thoughts on “A Love Story Between a Man And a Burrito”

  1. That’s probably a good choice!

  2. Even I can see how gay this is.

  3. No birds were harmed in the making of this photo-shoot :D
    Unless burrito contains chicken :@

  4. Still a better love story than Twilight

  5. Hey, man. You gonna eat that?

  6. Nose ring + man bun.

  7. :( !!!

  8. at lest i cn spll edward right

  9. Erotrofímon

  10. You don’t really love a burrito unless you eat it. Come on man, consummate that love!

  11. burritosexual

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