Brutal Honesty: Not The Best Job Interview Strategy

Some people thing that honesty is the best policy, but then they get all offended when dealing with brutal honesty. People are weird, they don’t really know what they actually want.

What's your greatest weakness? Honesty.  I don't think that honesty is a weakness. I don't give a shit what you think.

33 thoughts on “Brutal Honesty: Not The Best Job Interview Strategy”

  1. Are these not Trumps words when the judge censored him?

  2. No, Biden’s when he’s talking to the American taxpayers who don’t want to fund his continued undeclared wars.

  3. Most Americans support Ukraine war and now Israel war. It is a few right
    wing nuts probably with sympathy for Russia, or Hamas that are making
    America look weak.

  4. As a non-American, is every meme a comment on Trump/Biden?

  5. I think the H.R lass was trying to put the move on this fellow. Good
    thing he put a stop to this harassment immediately. Women in senior
    positions are known to sexually harass those they want as a throw
    away toy.

  6. There’s always some troll on this site getting it’s rocks off with political comments.

  7. The middle aged Indian women are the worst.

  8. @Been there. Then you’ve never really been loved by one ;-)

  9. Most Americans do not support Their tax money going to Ukraine or Israel. The media, (whose credibility is now at an all time low), keeps reporting that, but it’s a lie. Biden had to go on TV last to try to convince the country that we can afford another war but it back fired. Opposition to both Ukraine and Israel dropped. Poor Lil Zelinski. Fight your own wars!

  10. Americans have always been antisocial, egocentric d-bags. Nothing new.

  11. They don’t want to fight other peoples wars. Now you tell me why they should. We have no interests in Ukraine or Israel. Why should we die for either country. And it’s the Left that has the strongest opposition to Israel aid. Over 70%. Harvard, Yale all the Ivy League schools held Pro Palestinian rallies. Do you even get news in Canada anymore? Or is it still all just state funded propaganda? “The Justine News Hour”. Brought to you by Pfizer. Bet that’s it.

  12. “Open war is upon you whether you would risk it or not.” Or do you think the forces of evil will stay at home once Ukraine or Israel are destroyed? Their agents in the Republican rows are already in your governments and cripple your country.

  13. Well then Im sure YOU will be joining up ASAP to go fight right? No. Your kind never does. They always want Others to do their fighting because they are cowards. Americans are not. Their breed to fight. Kind of enjoy it. But not for these corrupt evil hell holes. And yes, these animals are in the US Government. Mostly on Left. They hate Jews and Ukraine is just Israel 2.0. Why do you think congress is shut down. No money can be allocated anywhere now no matter how hard Dirty Joe and his war hawk party try. The tax payers have spoken and it’s a hard no. Again, fight your OWN wars. Watch your people die. Spend Your countries money. The US is cleaning up it’s own house. Everyone else can F’off.

  14. They propably wouldn’t let me go to the fight as I am old and a bit handicapped. I guess one healthy leg isn’t enough for the front line. But I have other skills that got me qualified as essential during the pandemic also. So, I would still be doing my duty in my capacities.
    Congress is shut down because it’s blocked by Trump loyalists aka Putin’s 5th column. And you are playing their game.

  15. Looks more like the US house is on fire…

  16. That Trudeau fetishist conspiracy guy is a tool. Everybody here knows that.

  17. We don’t live in the US and our media is completely State run but we know ALL about the US. Even more then the people who live, work and vote there. Canadians.. useful idiots for Marxist, but you gotta love em.

  18. Not everyone here is Canadian, moron. That’s not how the internet works.

  19. Trudeau fetishist fails again… Don’t you get tired of your nonsense? We are, no doubt. You are boring and repetitive. Find new conspiracies and present them to us for amusement and another opportunity to debunk and ridicule you.

  20. Everyone StheFU, this just in, Trudeau said he has seen enough
    evidence that Israel DID NOT fire the missal that killed all those
    This announcement makes it official now.

  21. Remember children… it’s not a war crime if the US or Israel does it. Only world leaders with “unacceptable views” commit war crimes.

  22. Hamas was just too incompetent to fire the missile and hit their own hospital. That was my first thought when I read about the explosion. Israel uses precision bombs, Hamas pipes they dug up from the ground and filled with explosives in a cave… which one might be more reliable…

  23. You mean, Hamas was so incompetent that their missile by accident destroyed their own hospital.

  24. Yes, it was my first thought. And it obviously was the case.

  25. You really think that was an accident?

  26. Yes.

  27. Maybe. Maybe false flag. End result is the same. Dead people and a debunked narrative for nothing. No wonder Hamas is in league with Iran and Russia.

  28. The Democratic Party disagrees. They are all in for Hamas. All in.

  29. The Russians are backing Hamas to keep stirring the barrel. Israel is an ally of the US. So Biden is going to back them.The Republicans are in bed with the Russians. Ergo: The Republicans are backing Hamas by default even though they always deny everything is not their fault.

  30. Now this is the perfect example of misinformation. The Republicans aren’t the one’s rioting in the streets to support Hamas. That’s the Left. BLM ✊🏿 and Antifa support Hamas. 70% of Democratic Congress and Senate are opposed to aid for Israel. I know “The Justine News Hour” brought to you by Pfizer might not tell you that, but here, on the ground, that’s how it is. Sorry it doesn’t fit the narrative but thems the facts.

  31. Why are you complaining? 70% against it. A Republican dream coming true. That plays right into the hands of your Czar.

  32. He is complaining becase deep down he knows he’s wrong again.

  33. Okay Hamas supporter.

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