Browsers Explained With Guns

18 thoughts on “Browsers Explained With Guns”

  1. … this is really old. Really old.

  2. So is your mom. What’s your point?

  3. @SoilLord: Yea, you’re right. “So is your mom” jokes are even older. Kudos.

  4. To be honest chrome text render is awful compared to ie. And firefox gecko gives me as much headache as ie trinity.

  5. Maxthon is a frickin’ laser gun. Mounted on a great white shark’s head.

  6. … This is a) old, and b) fairly nonsensical. Almost as if… it were… put together by someone who, I don’t know, knows nothing about guns? At the time this was made, Chrome and Safari used the same renderer (webkit) so saying a flintlock is identical to an M4 is … retarded.

    Your accuracy with that Mini-14 would be so much better than the M4, it just doesn’t look as mean, so I guess that makes it ‘less dangerous’ and firefox is ‘less cool?’ I guess?

    Putting a backwards Glock 21 down for Opera is just insulting to a phenomenal firearm…

    Will someone PLEASE explain why people get so zealous over their chosen ‘brand?’ It’s the same in so many areas – XBOX/PS, PC/Mac, Crocks vs those little toe-shoes. These companies don’t care about you – they just want your money. Why should anyone care so strongly about their ‘allegiance’ to a corporate entity?

  7. you clearly have no sense of humor

  8. Oh, no, the IE one is hilarious. The rest is just wrong.

  9. Good old tribal instincts. The only strategy that is even more advantageous than cooperation is to single out a group of people who haven’t done anything to you and get a nice little pogrom going. If you’re lucky, their stuff is up for grabs and so are their positions on the social ladder. Doesn’t work so well anymore nowadays, what with all these pesky notions of human rights and respect for others, but that doesn’t keep anyone from trying.

  10. Firefox ftw! I don’t know anything about guns but the one for IE seems very accurate.

  11. Chrome should be represented with a hi-tech-looking listening device with one awkwardly placed button. That crap can’t even display G’s own script-ridden pages correctly on G’s own OS.

  12. I uninstalled Firefox from all my devices after Mozilla caved to the Gaystapo over Brendan Eich. Try Pale Moon instead.

  13. Are you drinking Chi in the basement in your pajamas again.

  14. I guess it would be stretching the analogy a bit to put a microphone on the AR and run it to the NSA, I mean Google, I mean the NSA.

  15. the ie one is true speaking out of own experience p.s. i am stupid in love your mom

  16. 2 tell z truz urs has 2 b z worst

  17. Google fanboys just reached Nirvana when they saw their gawdawful (spelled incorrectly on purpose) Chrome browser up here.

  18. Your moms still old

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