Obama Surprises Biden With Medal of Freedom, Twitter Responds



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  1. The Lenny reference signifies Joe’s penchant to stroke the wives and daughters of other politicians wives and daughters at public events.

  2. Robert L Bell January 21, 2017

    That “German” soldier is an ethnic Dane from Sønderjylland, annexed by Germany after the Prusso-Austrian war of 1864 and returned to Denmark following the plebiscite in 1922 – held under the auspices of the League of Nations, by the way.

  3. downwithlibtards January 23, 2017

    Now isn’t that special, big mouth biden gets a participation award!
    Just another snowflake!
    MORON giving it to him too! Thank goodness he no longer stinks up the WH!
    They were both tools……

  4. so many memes, so many…not funny.
    like obama handing out medals so everyone feels better about themselves.
    So how come Shillary didn’t get one, mmhmmmm?

  5. Unfortunately, none of this shite is funny

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