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  1. stupified June 25, 2016

    So they aren’t allowed to complain about problems with immigrants today, because their ancestors invaded parts of the world in a historically completely different era? Of course not. Let them all come in.

  2. As if the US is any different. Or the Dutch. Or Ottomans – today most Turks insist Armenians were planning to annihilate them, Arabs were traitors, Kurds are trying to take their motherland…

  3. Brexit Butthurt the lefties and the statists.Excellent.

  4. Basically, the English are occupants of Celtic land. Unfortunately, the Brexit vote wasn’t about whether they finally left back home.

  5. Immigrants and conquerors are two different things.

    • Yeah, the first come to survive, the second come to kill.

    • Not so. Asylum seekers come to survive. In which case they should stop at the first safe country so they may return if the situation changes.
      Economic immigrants just want to grab a portion of what some other nation has achieved for it’s citizens, in order to improve their own life, regardless that mass numbers saying me too will ruin any achievement that had been achieved.

  6. at least they moved with the times…unlike one other race who remain in the dark ages.

  7. A. Fitler June 17, 2020

    Britons are civilised, whereas very few of these filthy immigrants are. We have fought and sacrificed our lives for centuries to build a decent country and now it is being torn apart by savages.


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