Helping Wild Animals Is Important

If you're cold, they're cold too. Bring them inside and warm them up.

7 thoughts on “Helping Wild Animals Is Important”

  1. Hm… nah. Bring something better.

  2. Silence Of The Free Range Organic Vegetables [keep wailing, Leftists]

  3. The comrade is hoping for a promotion from his FSB officer at a Russian troll farm.

  4. Sure, but at least cook the cherry tomatos until they split you monster. And why did you put raw rosemary on the venison? Also is the venison even seasoned?

  5. In deep red states they heat their food by burning books. Next will be witches.

  6. That looks like beef not venison.

  7. Indeed. Those meat fibres are way too big to be venison.

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