Brilliant Warning Sign

6 thoughts on “Brilliant Warning Sign”

  1. What if the intruder is illiterate and/or can’t speak English.. then you’re screwed!

  2. We here at AcidReCo welcome any of you to try and beat the sign. What’s left of you…

  3. Having no sense of humour (yes I’m in England and I spell it this way), I would say trespassers have been known to win big payouts; and disclaimers can be beaten (in just the way GOP unicorn said). I will look at the dictionary thingy and see …

  4. In court we’d argue, that the sign was atypical and a the client didn’t perceive it as a warning sign. It differes from normal warning signs too much.
    It’s too long and descriptive and may be even considered a joke/prank/parody of signs.
    The largest font is obviously for “Exhibit 1”, hence a normal person may overlook the text and believe, that behind the gate there is some “Exhibit 1” meant for viewing.
    2 million compensation plox.

  5. Oh dear.. I think we have a winner here! You must be a brainiac. Just take a deep breath and calm down. You have all the time you want. After all, people like you believe that Earth is just 6000 years old.

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