Hipster Logic Totally Makes Sense



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  1. Fire a barbacue – moan about smoking vegetarian.

  2. Tries to make retort against meat eaters – can’t spell barbecue.. but then I suppose your autocorrect did that ironically.

  3. it’s not against meateaters but hypocrites, and I should write one about spell nazi

    • Spell nazi’s would be something you find at hogwarts. I think you find your meaning grammar nazi. But hey, I’m with you against hypocrites. I just find many people claiming to be vegetarian /vegan fall into that category.

    • PatronasKitty7 April 14, 2016

      *ahem* …..you’re*

  4. Hipster jokes? Ooh, that’s cutting edge.

  5. I imagine if the jokes were supposed to be “Cutting edge” it would have said so Douche Bag.

  6. jimmy rustled April 14, 2016

    hipster are funny..but this was lame

  7. JimJungleSir July 8, 2016

    People take mixtapes as currency!?! Damn, I’m set for life.

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