Hipster Logic Totally Makes Sense

11 thoughts on “Hipster Logic Totally Makes Sense”

  1. Fire a barbacue – moan about smoking vegetarian.

  2. Tries to make retort against meat eaters – can’t spell barbecue.. but then I suppose your autocorrect did that ironically.

  3. it’s not against meateaters but hypocrites, and I should write one about spell nazi

  4. Hipster jokes? Ooh, that’s cutting edge.

  5. Spell nazi’s would be something you find at hogwarts. I think you find your meaning grammar nazi. But hey, I’m with you against hypocrites. I just find many people claiming to be vegetarian /vegan fall into that category.

  6. I imagine if the jokes were supposed to be “Cutting edge” it would have said so Douche Bag.

  7. Douche.

  8. hipster are funny..but this was lame

  9. hey…don`t ruffle his beard

  10. *ahem* …..you’re*

  11. People take mixtapes as currency!?! Damn, I’m set for life.

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