The Difference Between Boyfriend And Fiancé

He's only your fiancé if he comes from the Fiancé region of France. Otherwise he's just your sparkling boyfriend. A brosecco.

11 thoughts on “The Difference Between Boyfriend And Fiancé”

  1. HaHa!

  2. Trump pleads ignorance. Wonder if he knows what ignorance is?

  3. This joke is way too European for the North American palate.

  4. No one says “bro” here. Only antisocials.

  5. I know! I know! American here: they are talking about the Champagne region of France where they spell Sparkling Wine funny.

  6. Yeah, explain Europe to an European. American hybris.

  7. America has it’s hillbilly states, so does Europe. The Europeans call them
    The Balkans.

  8. A very stretched comparrisson.

  9. I lke Froggy horror movies, but I have to pause them because the Froggy’s talk fast. The thing I have noticed though is that the Limey’s and the Froggy’s share, is that in their horror movies they still set up the central government as their savior.

    In yank horror the central government is usually the cause of the horror or is impotent to do anything about the protagonist of the horror.

  10. Looks like you know nothing about the genre. Stay with your bollywood movies.

  11. Let’s go

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