I Don’t Want to Get Technical or Anything…

10 thoughts on “I Don’t Want to Get Technical or Anything…”

  1. OK, but what was the problem again?

  2. … alcohol is NOT a solution, it’s a chemical compound. If you mix it with water (solvent), then, technically, is a solution. OK? Good.

  3. Um, no it’s not.

  4. False, alcohol is a solvent.

  5. Nah, that’s just as wrong.

  6. Many alcoholic beverages are solutions though…

  7. … all alcoholic beverages are solutions of alcohol in (mainly) water. Ranging from beer (at around 5%) to hard core kickass spirits like Stroh Rum (at around 80%).

  8. I’ve heard of 95%. Drank some 70% a few days ago.

  9. But the sign clearly says alcohol, not alcoholic beverage…

  10. Jeez people. It’s just a joke…

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