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  1. lol

    Obama Is Not A Keynesian, He’s An American!


  2. I’m not buying it without a reference

  3. Dingle Barry Soetoro September 23, 2019

    Was the survey conducted in all 57 states Obama campaigned in?

  4. I thought Will Smith made Agrabah bomb. 🤔

  5. Whether this is true or not it really wouldn’t surprise me. After all these are the same supporters who voted in Bush – twice. Now that is dumb on an industrial scale.

  6. Juicy Smolette September 23, 2019

    Wakanda is a suburb of Agrabah and I will never forgive them for giving a head nod to bombing Barracks homeland.

  7. Pure lib BS

  8. when surveyed 85% of Democrat party supporters were still living off their daddy’s paycheck

    • Same survey claimed 120% of Americans don’t know how percentages work.

    • Robbing old ladies in the park doesn’t make up for ” living off their daddy’s paycheck”, meow. Get a real job.

  9. Ya know, Instead of just insulting people, you could just look this up. Just took me a few seconds to find a great article on it on snoops.com. Can’t post a link apparently….

    This did actually happen, but the democrats didn’t look all that smart either.

  10. … and 100% of liberals thought HIllary had a 95% chance of winning. Talk about dumb and gullible!

    • Which she did. American election aren’t about real votes though. You got a fake president out of a fake election.

    • Anon, you need to go back to junior high and retake history class. Pay attention this time.

    • The presidential election system is a blatant violation of the principle idea behind the constitution that all people should be treated equally before the law.

    • @William.

      This is after the law, all bets are off.

    • The presidential election follows the Constitution as it is written. Your lame, impotent whining about Clinton losing the election is irrelevant.

    • @Haha. Sure.The writers of the constitution wanted all states to appoint the electoral college by a winner-takes-all mechanism so they write that down…. No, they left the states some freedom in the appointment process because they simply did not foresee this grose abuse.
      And lame impotent whining about having won the election is Trump’s trademark.

    • Awww, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

      Hillary lost fair and square according to the rules of the past 230 years. If I were you I’d be more upset how the dem leadership pushed her candidacy over anyone else and then she blew it. Her arrogance and slithery history worked against her as well as assuming all of Obama’s supporters would automatically vote for her. I prefer to think of it as she helped bring out the “deplorables” vote in what she would consider fly over states that Obama had taken to elect America’s first troll president.

    • The way the president is elected might have been modern 230 years ago, but has turned into a anachronism since. And that troll president did a way better job than the orange clown.

    • As usual you are a little slow. Trump is the first troll president. Obama tried trolling a few times but like everything else he did it was weak and ineffective.

      But you can certainly thank your dnc leadership manipulations on pushing for Clinton to be the candidate for getting Trump elected.

  11. Bomb, Hell !

    We need to close the Genie Gap and find our own magic lamp!

  12. and 100% of the people Mark Dice interview in California

  13. We can’t forget about the college students that signed a petition to do away with women’s suffrage.

    • Or the guy in San Diego that got mindless rubes to sign a petition to have Karl Marx on the 2016 ballot, “since Obama’s working with him”.

    • Or the University of Texas students that signed the petition supporting the “Post-Birth Abortion Act”.

    • Did you notice the pattern?

    • Let’s not forget the people that voted for a big mouth with no brain. Do you get their common denominator?

    • Noticer, Pattern Noticer September 26, 2019

      They can sign petitions?

  14. Or the college students at GWU in DC signing the petition to have the white stick figure at crosswalks removed because the image is oppressive.

  15. Both sides are morons

  16. The Nose on Your Face. September 26, 2019

    0bama violated the War Powers Act when he invaded Libya.

  17. If it’s on the internet it must be true.

  18. You lefties love your fake polls… remember election night 2016…I sure do. Lulzzzz

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