Bodyshaming Is Never OK


Grandma, why do you have a big nose and sharp teeth? Please stop bodyshaming.


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  1. And stop gendershaming Grandpa. He’s LGBTQEIEIO. 🏳️‍🌈🐺

  2. This is a perfect representation of the Religion of the Left. It’s no longer an ideology it’s a civilization destroying belief system.

    • It always was. Religion and progress can’t coexist. Religion must go.

    • Not Anymouse January 18, 2022

      Wow! I missed the point of Little Red Riding Hood, I didn’t know it was about religion.

  3. Heathens, the lot of you!

  4. Confused_facts January 18, 2022

    “Religion and progress can’t coexist”

    So Newton’s groundbreaking work on gravity isn’t considered progress?

    Or indeed the countless other scientists and key figures in history that were religious and that helped shape the world we live in?

    • Capt. Sarcasmo January 19, 2022

      Yeah cuz Newton was all like , “An apple fell on my head, Jesus must have been Jesus F’ing around!!”

    • The church was not too happy with the earth orbiting the sun rather than the other way round.

    • People like Newton, Kepler, Galilei and Copernicus (the guy who kicked Earth out of the center of the religious universe) were not God’s favourites. According to the church at least. Science won though. Religion and progress can’t coexist. Never will. Religion must be gone.

  5. Must be a Canadian Timber Wolf.

  6. Leftism will ‘identity politic” itself to death. Just not soon enough!

    • Easy for you to say. You, the one without identity, charakter, integrity or honor.

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