It’s Not a Myth: Blinker Fluid Really Exists!

Are your blinkers feeling a little sluggish? Do they seem like they’re on the brink of giving up? Well, have no fear! Introducing the all-new, revolutionary blinker fluid! Yes, it’s not just a myth, this thing is real. With just one tiny drop, your blinkers will be back to their lively, vibrant selves in no time. Don’t let a blinker malfunction ruin your day, trust the power of science behind this amazing invention! So why wait? Grab a bottle today and keep those blinkers on point!

Blinker fluid.

What’s the history behind the invention of blinker fluid? Once upon a time, in a small German village, there lived a brilliant scientist by the name of Dr. Blinkentstein. He was known throughout the land for his eccentric behavior and wild hair, but what really set him apart was his passion for blinkers. You see, Dr. Blinkentstein had always been fascinated with the blinker mechanism on cars, and had dedicated his life to finding a way to make them work better. One day, while wandering through the village, he noticed that many of the cars had blinkers that were not functioning properly. The light would blink too quickly or too slowly, or not at all. This inspired him to begin his greatest invention yet – blinker fluid!

Adding blinker fluid.

Dr. Blinkentstein locked himself in his lab for weeks on end, conducting experiments and mixing various chemicals. He discovered that by mixing a secret blend of ingredients, he could create a fluid that would make blinkers blink faster and more efficiently. Excited by his discovery, Dr. Blinkentstein ran to the local garage to test his new invention. The mechanic was skeptical at first, but after adding just a drop of the blinker fluid to the blinker mechanism, the light began to blink perfectly. The mechanic was amazed, and word of the miracle fluid quickly spread throughout the village. Soon, people from all over the world were coming to Dr. Blinkentstein’s lab to buy his revolutionary blinker fluid. He became a local celebrity and even had a statue built in his honor. And that, my friends, is the story of how Dr. Blinkentstein and his blinker fluid changed the world, one blink at a time.

Adding blinker fluid.

Seriously though, blinker fluid is not a real product, it is a term used in jest or as a joke. It is not something that exists in the real world, and cars or other vehicles do not use a fluid to operate their blinkers. If you decide to buy blinker fluid on Amazon, you will receive an empty bottle. Please note that this site is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

34 thoughts on “It’s Not a Myth: Blinker Fluid Really Exists!”

  1. the new E-vehicles don’t have fluids containers anymore.

    For these there is the blinker powder.

  2. Also, there probably is a windshield washer powder, yes?

  3. He’s talking about blinkers, you halfwit.

  4. This revolutionary product will make millions. The number of fools ready to
    buy products introduced on the internet is overwhelming.
    Which I could buy stock in this company.

  5. As transportation secretary of the USSA of Amerika I fully endorse this product.

  6. sells synthetic blinker fluid.
    Works much better.

  7. He’s not that smart.

  8. Cool web site. Excellent sense of humor there.

  9. I’m glad I was able to develop this formula to after I invented the blinker during my time as astronaut for NASA.

  10. Your envy of a free country and its people especially those who serve and who have served will eat you up inside. Go smell some flowers, Daisy.

  11. I am not. I am not THAT smart and I am not even a “he”. Figures.

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    Doesn’t sound like Santos is doing much serving. Except himself maybe. He hit the ultimate con man jackpot.
    Republicans are even enabling that fraud. Like they did Trump. They obviously don’t have the best for the country and its people in mind. But are only interested in their own benefits and power. Their own fascist agenda and bank accounts. The Republicans made clear they mock democracy and are willing to destroy the country and its values if that garantees their grasp for power.
    The American people should cleanse the parliament of the oldest democracy and hound those traitors out to the gutter where they belong.

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    under the constitution. Also my pension can not be taken away, it is mine for life.

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  17. *your

  18. Ooooo good one! That guy is toast now. Bet he’ll go out and get the vax ASAP now. Changed his entire world view by correcting a single word. Bet he believes men can have babies and that the Left isn’t communist now. There should awards and cash. So brave.

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