David Attenborough Is Right, As Always

The black rhinoceros spends a majority of its adult life alone and mates only once every 2-3 years... Just like you.

20 thoughts on “David Attenborough Is Right, As Always”

  1. Only if your Canadian, but that’s just because you need Great Leader Trudeau’s permission to mate.

  2. Nobody cares leaf.

  3. Justine says woman can come to Canada for abortions. But of course you have to be fully vaccinated because he doesn’t believe in people’s freedom, just in killing babies. Go Canada!

  4. @anonymous #3 So if you refuse to give me access to your body organ when I need it in order to live and as a result I die, you are responsible for my death, right? You should be punished as a killer, because that’s “freedom”, right?

  5. …just like those purple-haired, overweight abortion activists!

  6. DivorceSettlement / ShaggingYourWife= Cost_per_sexual_ Encounter

    Cost_per_sexual_ Encounter >> PerYearCostOfRetirement

  7. Your “freedom” to spread the covid virus has already killed one million people. Well done.

  8. If we could only now convince the black population to breed this way, we
    may be able to clean up most of the ghettos in a few years.

  9. No, we need to get them and their kids to take the vax. Only 30% of blacks are vaccinated. They need to get vaxxed so they can die like the rest of us are. Sudden Adult Death Syndrome anyone…

  10. You should have said, “ Too bad blacks don’t adopt the black rhino
    life style”.
    Think next time!

  11. No one on this site thinks. It’s all emotional reaction like everything else nowadays

  12. Why do you expect some one else to improve your home?

  13. You are, no your.

  14. That guy is so obsessed with Trudeau. Gay.

  15. True. Most abortions are done by teens from conservative households. Fact.

  16. Abortions are forbidden now. White rightard morons think they will fill up their ranks with new rightard cannon fodder. Meeeep. Wrong. Now their fine white neighborhoods will be flooded by black and brown babies. Enjoy.

  17. There is not a shred of evidence linking the vaccine to SADS.

  18. Just another fake story by conservative hollow heads.

  19. Conservative populists need enemies as scapegoats. If there are none they have to be created.

  20. His Highness Sir!!! Attenborough calls people a “Plague”
    What do you do with the Plague?
    He should start to apply solution starting with himself

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