Why Will Congress Never Impeach Trump?

7 thoughts on “Why Will Congress Never Impeach Trump?”

  1. 700 BILLION will lose their healthcare!

  2. Maxine, the gift that keeps on giving.

  3. And 900 billions persons are hungry in the States. We need more welfare!!!

  4. You guys are morons. It’s not bad enough that the feminist pig that runs this website loves to try to offend Trump every other day, but the dumbasses who religiously follow this website don’t know how many people are on this planet. Less than 8 Billion, why are you all so autistic?

  5. They’re mocking Maxine Waters. Get moose and squirrel comrade.

  6. Feminist? This site is run by (an) MRA(s). Also, the numbers noted above were given sardonically. Par for the course, the Trump supporter has proven once again to be a complete and utter imbecile who understands neither context nor nuance.

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