It’s Adam And Eve, Not Adam And Steve!


It's Bible, not Straightble!


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  1. Why should we watch such a gay stuff? Leave sexuality alone, and don’t impose it on others. Nothing against them tho

    • They don’t want to impose it to others. The problem are such religious nuts who attack (also physically) them all the time. Otherwise no one would care and everybody would be happy. You are mistaking the victim with the cullprit.

    • Isabella from Panama. November 9, 2020

      They just want the same equal rights as you and me, such as marriage, adoption, inheritance etc etc

      Giving them those rights, won’t make you gay, it won’t make you lose your job, it won’t make your spouse homosexual, it make your kids dumb, it won’t make the sun implode etc.

      If you see something you don’t like, then turn your head and look in a different direction.

    • Isabella from Panama. November 9, 2020

      It should have said “it wont make your kids dumb”

      Sorry about the forgotten word.

    • If we really want to live in a free country, we all have to put up with the existence of people who are completely different than us. They all get to be free and do what they want, and so do you.
      Sounds ok to me.

    • As long as it doesn’t hurt other, all should be free. Someone being gay doesn’t hurt someone. Being an atheist isn’t harmfull to anyone.
      It harms relious feeling? What a nonsense. There are no religious feelings. Burning churches would be harmful. Being gay or and unbeliever is not.

  2. “It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!”

    “Right, and it’s Lot and his daughters, not Lot and his sons. Right?”

  3. It’s love thy neighbor, not judge thy neighbor!

    It’s a free country too. Lets keep it that way.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter November 9, 2020

      Such rules always apply to others. Freedom is when they can force their religion on you. Then you are free under the banner of the only true God. … Or you are dead.

  4. Your Editor November 9, 2020

    “Heteroible” would’ve been easier to say AND funnier!

  5. That man is Kenneth Copeland, one of the worst Prosperity gospel preachers.

  6. That guy in the top picture looks exactly how I think the devil would look like, should he live between us. And behaves like the devil, too. The look in his eyes cannot be hidden.

    Actually, how well did his ‘blowing SARS-CoV-2 away’ work out?

  7. OK now I’m confused – where did Steve come from?

  8. Steve came from his parents, who were very similar to him except just a little less evolved.
    There’s a lot of history and evidence in the fossils.
    There’s a lot of fantasy and story telling in the churches.

  9. What he is saying is that Eve is a transgender women, who was previously known as Steve. I think the preacher is angry and wants to correct others transphobia. Steve is made in the image of God, is perfect and loved, accepted and welcomed into the Christian church by all Christians. On the other hand, the Hypo-Christians invent their own rules, promote hate, bigotry, and division (but by Satan it is a profitable business model!).

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