And What’s Beth Short For?

She’s short because she’s just a little kid. Some people have no idea how tall 18 months old children are. We blame the education system, human dumbness has been off the charts lately.

Have you met my daughter Beth? And what's Beth short for? Because she's only 18 months old.

24 thoughts on “And What’s Beth Short For?”

  1. People have to understand what is going to happen. If you criticize
    me you are going to be sorry. My people have been creating lists
    of my critics for future punishment. Mass deportations along with
    long term detentions will soon be here. Casual beatings will also
    be installed in my news criminal justice system. Capital punishment
    will become community events as well.

  2. So government business as usual…

  3. US is going to be a monarchy. Congrats. You gave up freedom for a flimsy fence at your southern border.

  4. So is Trump going to force everyone to take an untested experimental gene therapy in direct violation of the Nuremberg Code? Is he going to freeze your bank accounts and jail you for unacceptable views? You mean a Canadian style dictatorship or just a regular old Middle eastern strong man thing? We need specifics.

  5. He’s going to force you whatever he pleases. It won’t be a dictatorship. It will be a monarchy sanctioned under God. If you disagree kiss your b*tt good bye.
    And by the way. The vaccine is no gene therapy. And it was tested. Get some knowledge instead of citing uneducated idiots from Youtube. But then you are still one of them. That’s in your genetic specifications. Maybe a gene therapy for more brain power is exactly what you need.
    Better take care of your constitution at the moment than the Nuremberg Code.

  6. At this point if you’re afraid of the vaccine, they have little bears you can squeeze while you get it you over sized vaginas! You’re not scared of the chemicals in it, your scared of needles! Stop trying to hide it behind this tough guy facade! If the vaccine was as deadly as you say it is, average global deaths should have sky rocketed by 18 percent…….well? Where are all the dead people? Did they not get your email on how deadly the vaccine is? This percentage was pulled from numbers your ilk have kindly provided, Or wait I’m sure that info has magically changed, now that it doesn’t fit your narrative and all!

  7. “over sized vagina”
    Can we call him that from now on? Can we?

  8. I think calling people “over sized vagina” is mean.

  9. But, it is polite.

  10. On the one hand it’s an insult to women to use their parts as an insult. On the other hand it hurts the nazi-incel much more. Deep to his flimsy core. So I can only hope women are with us on this one. I vote for calling him “over sized vagina”.

  11. A giant hole has opened on the sun which is spewing electro-megnetic particles toward Earth. To save the Earth we must only use one square of toilet paper and quarter an illegal Mohammedan in our spare bedrooms.

    We are on the brink! Do it! Do it now!

  12. Don’t drink and post, over sized vagina.

  13. Man.. some of you are sooo messed up! First, if your still taking the gene therapy you are either nuts or dumber then a bag of hammers. The Guardian just published the medical studies about the contamination and serious health risks. The media has been revealing how dangerous these jabs are for a year now. Do you think they’re lying? Making it up? Read you stupid apes. It’s all out there.
    Second, it isn’t possible to have a dictatorship in the US. The courts, congress, the Senate and the military are designed to prevent that. Have you met the US military? Not to mention the most armed citizenry on the planet. When you say stuff like this you just sound dumb.
    And calling people “over sized vaginas” is not only insulting to women, but the fact that you would even come up with that as an insult shows what a pathetic incel you truly are.
    Now stop whining about other countries and see if you can save your own. Canadians are fleeing the county because of how badly it’s run. And they are going to the US. Trudeau is and has been a REAL dictator and you all just roll over like the yellow belly simps that you are. Sad.

  14. So do these people take a measles immunization every six months? Idiots.

  15. One is 81 the other is 77
    Both of them are old semi senile fools. They should have done everyone a favour and retired when they where 65 just like normal people.
    No wonder that which ever you lot pick, the rest of world will laugh at you.

  16. One knows how the country, laws and the government works. The other still hasn’t figured out that he is not king or how an umbrella works.

  17. Maybe the vagina isn’t over-sized, your manhood is just really really tiny… 🥕🤔

  18. Yeah saying Trump is going to be a dictator is crazy. That’s like saying Trudeau is a…. Never mind.

  19. I love how first Trudeau was an idiot, but he is also smart enough to take over the Canadian government and mask his fascism! What is he a mastermind or an idiot? It’s like conspiracy theorists can’t make up there mind the same way the feminists cant! Is it okay for a girl to be a stripper or no? Is she strong and independent or a victim?

  20. That’s because over sized vagina and his conspiracy theorists are the idiots in this game. No wonder nothing they come up with makes sense to a normal brain.

  21. Does your Mother have an OSV? How about Grandma or Auntie? Sister.. wife.. GF? You insult all of them when you use that disgusting term. Makes you a pig of a man. Do better.

  22. Women are OK with calling the incel idiot “over sized vagina”. We established that in another thread. It’s hurts him more than them.

  23. You call other people a pig, yet you are born as one. Is that not an insult to all pigs?

  24. WTF.. go back to your mud hut. And it’s not my fault you’re inbreed. That’s a big thing in the Middle East. Stop blaming everyone else. Talk to your sibling parents. Gross.

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