These Poor Parents Were Expecting Babies But Ended Up Having Old People Instead

Of course every parent thinks his baby is the cutest and most adorable little human being ever… however even their own parents can’t deny that these babies look like grumpy old men.

12 thoughts on “These Poor Parents Were Expecting Babies But Ended Up Having Old People Instead”

  1. Medieval painting babies are real. All this time I’ve been poking fun at medieval painters making babies look like they have 3 kids and a mortgage.

  2. Hey, you’re an (alleged) art directator, con you tell me why medieval paintings have lots of squirrels in them? – Thanks in advance. :-)

  3. They were popular pets at the time. That’s all, lol. The fashion would be to take the squirrel from a wild nest as a baby and then domesticate it. They were cheap, cute, had a moderate life expectancy, and they were not considered at the time as carriers of diseases like they are today.

  4. Squirrels, minks etc. were often used as phallic symbols.

  5. @Anon: you mean flexible and furry?

  6. That is the largest collection of FUGLY, FUGLY babies I’ve ever seen. Every single one of them…ugly as shit.

  7. I concur. YIKES! I’ll never have children because of this post.

  8. Poor Vlad

  9. I’m pretty sure some of those are actually monkeys!

  10. Freak show.

  11. Their all beautiful babies in their own way but seriously who puts a baby in a shirt and tie ! Lol 🙄😂

  12. Jerry, you’ve got to see the ba-by!

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