You Know What’s Funny?

Paintings of Adam and Eve where they both have belly buttons. Think about it, take as much time as you need.

8 thoughts on “You Know What’s Funny?”

  1. That’s awesome! Spasibo!

  2. I am tolerate al religion

  3. In many paintings they are Caucasian white, too, which is highly unlikely. Same goes for paintings and other depictions of the holy family or single members of it. Just think about where they (allegedly) used to live.

  4. What? Religions are made-up nonsense, you say? SHOCKING!

  5. Those are paint my numbers picures.

  6. So shocking. Such news,

  7. Put there by the Flying Spaghetti Monster for its own purposes. Ramen.

  8. The artist being incompetent is not related to the question; did God create stuff or not.

    Think about it.

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