The Very Last Moment Before Total Fail

17 thoughts on “The Very Last Moment Before Total Fail”

  1. gorrilla one is photoshoped

  2. First is also fake

  3. The guy jumping on the mattresses is probably shopped as well…

  4. I would have to agree since there are no Lowland Gorillas in Northern Coniferous Forests! :-)

  5. First is real. It happened to me once.

  6. @lugtum- I agree. I would think you would see a remnant of a reflection in back window. Unless you have some other criteria?

  7. Doesn’t mean that photo is real. If you look at the bike you’ll notice there is no motion blurr where should be one.

  8. The first one is obviously fake. If it were real, you would see the front tire compressing and the metal bending on the rim of the front tire.
    If you hit it hard enough to throw you forward, the force on that one spot on the rim is going to bend it.

  9. Not necessarily, Otto.

  10. This was made easy and without Photoshop. Stick the bike into the grillage, someone holding it outside the picture and she just jumped. Depending on the angle and obstacles their reflection are simple not visible.

  11. Several are pranks, and it does not appear the pranks fail.

  12. @ S. Holmes… That guy jumping on the air mattresses is real. I seen him do it. He’s a neighbor from down the road. This is his first time he’s tried it with somethin’ to soften his landing. BTW, he aint the dumbest idiot in our town, he’s about average.

  13. First one reminds me of one of the all-time cringe worthy pictures. Group of people at the edge of an urban street with a pretty good downhill slope; obvious spectators. There’s a ramp on the street and a bike and kid are probably 20′ in the air, separated from each other, and really moving fast. There’s just no way it doesn’t end without serious injuries.
    Lady at the edge of the pool always cracks me up.

  14. It was nice to look at all the photos on ONE PAGE! No clickbait.

  15. Indeed! Go EatLiver.

  16. You’re all ruining the internet. stop that!

  17. This doesn’t really make sense. It’s unlikley all of these photos where taken just at the right moment. some of them have to be planned out. Even so, the dog and his frisbee is pretty funny.

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