Please Stop Beatboxing Meme: Dammit, Kevin…

Contrary to popular belief, beatboxing actually is not the best way to make someone’s time at the hospital more tolerable. Kevin is either evil or stupid. Probably stupid.

Kevin, I'm dying. Please stop beatboxing.

23 thoughts on “Please Stop Beatboxing Meme: Dammit, Kevin…”

  1. pffft…

  2. Oh he has to quit his dreams cause she’s dying? What a Karen!

  3. Beatboxing is white mans rap.

  4. It was a white man who popularized Rap, then let it slip
    to the ghetto crowd. U

  5. She has VAIDS he has encephalopathy. Both acquired their malady at the same time. Unfortunate.

  6. Still better off than with your kind of covid brain damage, idiot.

  7. Hers is a non-existent malady, and his is common in covid patients.

  8. You guys think covid is degrading the IQ of unvaccinated individuals? Sure seems like it!

  9. VAIDS is a real thing. Like Sudden Death Syndrome and Turbo Cancers. They are real for whatever reason.

  10. If you can trick a bunch of idiots into thinking the earth is flat, then you trick them into thinking those diseases are real!

  11. Turbo cancer is real because conservatives poisoned our planet for generations. It’s not the vaccine.

  12. Oh look….an idiot!

  13. You discovered the mirror. Conratulations.

  14. The largest covid vaccine study to date was just released, (despite Phizer’s threats of a law suit), PROVES you are WRONG. Sorry. Thanks for playing.

  15. These side effects are peanuts compared to those of covid.

  16. Wrong again. Read the study. Or don’t. Some people ignore facts because the truth hurts their feelings. It’s there and it’s damming. Maybe Trudeau will start a fund for the vaccine injured since he’s the one that forced everyone to take it. Right.. HAHA as if. Again, thanks for playing!

  17. Now you’ve done it. Any comment that states that Trudeau FORCED people to get the vax must be censored. He’s already said people made their own choice to get vaxxed. You didn’t HAVE to get vaxxed, you could have just gone off and lived in the woods. It’s not my fault people are sick and dying.

  18. The chance of these side effects (often non-lethal) is about a factor 100 smaller than the chance of dying from covid.

  19. Covid has a 99.4% survival rate unless you have major comorbidities. Trying to talk to these Pro-Phizer zealots is like talking to Flat Earthers. No matter how many facts you give them it’s just “The earth is flat, you’re facts don’t change that”.

  20. So if you can save several million lives, at the expense of several thousand, you go for the millions. Great logic.

  21. The Covid gene therapy didn’t DO anything. Didn’t prevent infection. Didn’t stop the the spread. Didn’t prevent hospitalization or death. List the location of ONE study, besides the now disproven Pfizer studies that proves it did. Because there’s over 300 studies now that prove it didn’t do anything but kill large numbers of healthy people. Covid had a 99.4 % survival rate. Keep trying flat earther.

  22. Still waiting for those studies.. Just one will do..

  23. Google “COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness Update” on the CDC website and you will find dozens of articles on the effectiveness of the vaccine. A recent study by WHO estimates the number of lives saved at 1.4 million, in Europe alone.

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