Gallery of Beans In Places Where Shouldn’t Be Any Beans




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  1. Is this gallery actually a secret Heinz ad to boost their sales?

    • Free&FakeAmerican April 20, 2017

      American food is disgusting. Worse than dog food.

    • it’s a british thing.
      they go crazy for baked beans and eat them at every meal.

    • Sauerkraut Mc Sauerkraut face April 20, 2017

      Especially those nasty Hamburg ers.

  2. Guess that’s Kauf Buch in the first picture.

  3. Justin The Smartypants April 21, 2017

    Looks like my puke

  4. Prince Leo April 21, 2017

    I once ate corn with butter

    • Mmmm, corn with mayonnaise, parmesan cheese, a dash of chili powder and squeeze of lime. Corn with just butter is boring.

  5. Thank goodness there were no pictures from the local hospital emergency room.

  6. Beans, beans are good for your heart
    The more you eat, the more you fart
    The more you fart, the better you feel
    so eat baked beans at every meal.

  7. I sometimes think my Mum prefers my Dad as much as me,
    You ought to see the pile of beans she gives my Dad for tea,
    I need Heinz beans as much as him — in fact I need them more
    ’Cause my Dad’s very very old — and me I’m only four.
    (I’m six really, but it didn’t fit.)

  8. and finally…
    We like Heinz Baked Beans a lot, my brother John and me,
    We eat them all the time because they make us smile, you see,
    We haven’t had our beans today,
    “There’s something wrong” we said,
    Until we found the reason was
    We’d just got out of bed!
    (We knew because we still had our pyjamas on!)

  9. Bubba and Joe Bob April 21, 2017

    Ole Free&Fake is sure tryin’ hard to troll. Musta had a over dose of beans and now he’s blowin’ outta both ends. BTW, the doc tolled Bubba, “Don’t eat no beans, it might make yer insides explode and rebreak yer butt.”

  10. Beans are breakfast in the UK, Americans think its bizarre to eat campbells for breakfast
    beans & liver that will get you going every day

  11. I find this highly offensive.

    I don’t want to be near eyes,
    Especially ones that belong to guys,
    I just wish to be eaten,
    And maybe sometimes beaten.

  12. This makes me so happy

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