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  1. Looks like they had a peaceful protest in the last picture.

    • No. Just a fine dinner Trump had in the White House. We all know he loves fast food. And fast food means a lot of garbage. The consumer included.
      Only losers and suckers eat real food.

    • This IS CNN. September 7, 2020

      Mostly peaceful.

  2. Here’s an interesting quote: “Prince Harry is Britain’s most toxic Export since Piers Morgan”. Do you think this is true or false?

  3. It looks like Paris to me.

  4. I’m not American. Therefore no “dem”. And I laugh at your face about your pitiful insults. Sorry, sucker. America had some really great men. You and your beloved leader are not among them.

  5. Ah, Trump good leader. Great president. Should win election. Good for R.. uss… U.S. people. Yes, vote for Trump. Will make him win again.

  6. No! You have to vote for Biden. Sure, he raped Tara Reid and has spent half a century in DC groping anything that stood still long enough, but his mind is sharp as a tack. Well.. maybe not a tack… but hey, like Nancy said China would prefer Biden so there’s that. And who doesn’t love China… Right.

    • China would actually prefer Trump, since he is extremely predictable and easy to manipulate.

    • Raping, groping? Sounds like Trump to me. We have it on tape. He said it himself.

  7. The election is already over you guys and the media just don’t know it yet. It’s a repeat of 2016 only worse. The Burn Loot Murder riots and the fact that Biden can’t complete a coherent sentence has finished it up. You should of learned 4 years ago that Americans don’t believe the media or the fake polls, (Killary 93% on election night 🤣😂), and calling a country that elected Barrack Hussian Obama TWICE racist is a non starter. So the democratic plan was to call ALL white people evil racists and burn down black businesses and then the prodominantly white country would vote in Marxist socialists who want to burn it all down during a global pandemic? What do we look like Europe. You fix stupid.

    • Yes, Barr already admitted early this year the election will be rigged in Trump’s favor. Same as the last one.

    • Post offices are planned to be crippled during the election to prevent people to vote. American democracy is on the brink of extinction.

    • A patriot wouldn’t vote Trump. Therefore all patriots are losers and suckers.

    • Fair and honest Bert September 7, 2020

      Dude, it’s now over until the day after the election and The Party(D) know how many ballads to copy and mail.

  8. Someone’s mother September 7, 2020


  9. Now that the Left has blown yet another election it’s rigged. Haha. No, your ideas just suck. You people are deluded and its the best entertainment we’ve had in a while. Just watched a vid of a black women screaming at all the white Burn Loot Murder rioters. 🤣😂. Keep up the good work. Hell we’ll probably take the senate as well. Lol 😂

    • Hello Comrade. Supervisor is happy with you. Putin himself will grant you shiny medal.

    • Once he declared himself king of America there won’t be any need for a senate. Peasants will always be peasants. You can’t give them democracy and they will break everything. A strong ruler will show them their place. Once he has total control he’ll take your guns away. Just in case you get some stupid ideas. But you can keep them for now as long as you kill the opposition and each other. All dictators do this.

  10. Just shows how little you know about America when you post stupid sh&t like that. The American people can at anytime take over the country. We’re not you, we’re armed to the teeth so we don’t have to worry about whats happening in your country happening here. A Gov should be terrified of it’s people and ours is. Its as it should be.

    • Trump is terrified of the people realizing what he did.

    • But you won’t take over. Trump already made you vote him. He will make you give up your freedom willingly. Perfect conman.

  11. No. We’re not European sheep.

    • You are the sheepest sheep in sheepland on planet sheep. And the wolf is already eating your guts.

  12. Concerned citizen November 24, 2021

    I just woke up, would someone please tell me what’s happening.

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