There Really Is a Market For Everything


That website is real. Any takers?


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  1. Well, thanks, but, no thanks. But may I suggest this lady cleaning her bathroom. It looks disgusting. New wallpaper wouldn’t be the worst of ideas either.

  2. websites not working. fake. **** you santa!

  3. Until I read the list, I thought she was offering a bath full of her breast milk….

  4. Creepy as hell.

  5. The old man on the mountain Alamut December 14, 2017

    Soy, almond or traditional…” wait a second – there is a place in the world where this is tradition????!!!!! Please let me know where that is because I need to make sure I never buy cheese from there!!!!!

  6. Are there limitations as to what you can do once you are in the bath? Does the lady also get in the bath?

  7. Not Alan Wagner December 14, 2017

    The website is real, but the offer isn’t real.

    It’s made by someone called Alan Wagner. Link at the bottom of the website leads to his FB account:

    • Thanks!

      ‘Buff Man vs. Weak Man’, great idea, finally.

    • Came here to write the same. It’s the only link on the webpage too.

      One should think that it was very obvious this was fake. “Use my sponge.” Extreme stains on bathtub, toilet, wallpaper, womans dress. And the weird looking people. But in this crazy world. You never know.

  8. Not shown: she reuses the same milk for multiple … clients.

  9. Fly over Bob December 15, 2017

    Hard times in Hollywood, it’s good that Ellen Burstyn was able to get a gig.

  10. Publicity stunt by some wannabe comedian. Buried link leads to his facebook page

  11. Why not? Milk is good for marinating meal before BBQing it.

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