Dark Roast, Please

Sure. No problem. You're such a large disappointment that your mom asked the stork about his return policy.

5 thoughts on “Dark Roast, Please”

  1. I am outraged that this site portrays dark as a synonym for evil. Black lives matter. Get with the program, and those people need to be wearing masks.

  2. Can never understand why they call them ‘blacks’, most seem to be a nice chocolate colour.

  3. I like my coffee like I like my women black and strong, but more importantly ground up and in the freezer.

  4. Can you imagine trying to live in such a closed culture where jokes are forbidden. Haha. Oh… wait..

  5. I live in Seattle USA. Tonight there will be no police officers on the street. The chief of police has said business owners are on their own. Google it. We are about to experience Marxist Socialism. Watch and learn. This is why Americans have to own guns. Portland and Seattle. Watch and see who the Left really are.


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