Ever Wonder Why?

Ever wonder why the American bald eagle is always photographed from the side?

20 thoughts on “Ever Wonder Why?”

  1. Yikes

  2. This just in from CNN?

  3. No, that eagle has seen Trump’s management of the covid crisis.

  4. “Trump’s management of the covid crisis”.

    So he stayed home and flattened the the curve, starting January 31 when Trump was called names for blocking travel from China?

    Maybe we need to have a lock-down for people infected with TDS?

  5. What management?

  6. Why no chatter about Obama and General Flynn? This makes Watergate look like J walking. The most corrupt President in history so far and its all documented yet….. crickets. This just shows Left wing nut bag hypocrisy. But hey, thats the new normal.

  7. Very apt nickname, trumpster.

  8. The travel block with 40,000 exceptions?

  9. It is all in the documents … which we will never see … because they do not exist. And Flynn, he pleaded guilty, remember? The most corrupt president in history, by far, is your hero, Trump.

  10. Haha! You guys are hilarious. It’s YOU that’s in denial.

    Remember when he told you that we only had a few cases and soon it would all just disappear? How’d that work out for ya? 90,000 dead and counting.

    Trump has no national plan for increasing the numbers of tests. Meanwhile, in China, they are going to test every single person in the city of Wuhan. That’s going to be 11 million total tests, which is more than the 9 million we’ve done in our whole country! Imagine if WE tested everyone frequently. Most all of us could go right back to work safely, and we could stay working with regular tests. (or lockdown the hotspots.) Too bad Trump is so incompetent. So sad.

  11. Maybe it’s because unmasking is NOTHING. Trump has already done it as many times as Obama.

    President reads an intelligence brief: is interacting with some suspect people in Russia. or is interacting with terrorists.
    “Unmasking” – President asks intelligence agency to tell them who the person of interest actually is. They are allowed to read classified documents all the time. It’s no big deal.

    Try reading something from outside of your bubble. (Newser.com is a super short read that provides some takes from both sides. Try SOMETHING besides fox or extreme right. ) Trump is trying to distract you while people are dying because of his incompetence.

  12. Sorry, there’s some blank spots above where it’s supposed to say (US citizen of interest)

  13. Exactly.

  14. Under Trump the American citizen became fully expendable. Save the shareholders!

  15. OR, instead of worrying about people who we think might have TDS, we should inject some disinfectant or some light, or take some drugs that can be dangerous and don’t even work on Covid. Lets be sure not to wear masks either. If we all act like our fearless leader, I’m sure we’ll all get back to normal in no time at all.

  16. See. Mindless drones. If you bothered to look or read you’d see that its true and that he only plead guilty to save his son from the FBI. And that the reason they can’t get him is because it was all made up BY the FBI. You know, the ones they fired. But nope. Orange Man bad so facts don’t matter and we will Never mention Hunter Biden or Joe Biden’s links to China or anything negative about the Left cause ORANGE MAN BAD DAMIT!

  17. And where should we look and read oh wise one?

    Yes, Biden is soooo terrible for having contacts that ended up hiring his son. Doesn’t he know he’s supposed to hire his family to help run the whitehouse? (That’s nepotism. The real way to get your son a job. The swamp is overflowing.) I mean, why not hire them to help lead the response to a pandemic even though they have never studied anything about it? Yeah, that’s good. Biden bad. Talk about a guy who acts like facts don’t matter. Look in the mirror. Your leader is constantly lying to you.

  18. But now you have a Space Force. People are dying like flies but you have supadupa-missiles.

  19. Nah, all the space force has is a flag.

  20. So Noble prize winner Obama droned thousands of children and executed an American citizen without due process. But Orange Man Bad! Reeee. The Left is a cult.

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