Jokes That Are So Bad, They’re Actually Funny

15 thoughts on “Jokes That Are So Bad, They’re Actually Funny”

  1. These are great!! Some good puns here.

  2. Hear about the mushroom that won gold at the olympics?
    He was a champignon to his people.

  3. I thought it was a booger, but it’s snot.

  4. #groan

  5. waist of time
    also didt get the chinese one, i would appreciate some explanations

  6. ok, got it, never mind

  7. Care to share?

  8. because How(Hao) Long is a chinese name.

  9. Pathetic…

  10. I thought it was actually kind of funny…

  11. but trains dont chew

  12. Choo choo

  13. My name is “How Long”.
    I am of Chinese descent.
    Therefore, How Long is a Chinese name.


  15. some time ago people actually use brick chips to brush teeth

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