I’m Sorry Daddy, I’ve Been a Bad Girl


I'm sorry Daddy, I've been a bad girl. For the last time, it's "Forgive me Father, for I have sinned."


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  1. I like the way she says it better.

    • Yeah, add “spank me”, and we got a story. youtube: watch?v=fLOL1AHbY1w

  2. Pater no Nostre November 4, 2021

    Fair chance he is her real daddy….

  3. Carlos Danger November 4, 2021

    Three posts in and still nothing about how Biden is Satan?

    • Trump is obviously Satan. He’s the one molesting women, raping underage girls and killing 800,000 people. He even kills his friends to save his neck. Epstein didn’t kill himself. He died to save Trump.

  4. Could someone please explain how Trump killed close to a million people? Serious question. I keep reading it but have never heard an explanation of the claim.

    • Incompetence. It just needed 4 years of failure in chief and a tiny virus.

  5. free britney!

  6. Yeah…yeah…now do a muslim raping a 5 year old girl…HILARIOUS!

    • See a doctor before you rape or kill someone. You fantasies are umasking.

  7. joe and kamy role playing again…

  8. Interesting. Bble comments get deleted on Eatliver. That shows which community the admins really fear.

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