He’s a Bad Boy, Just As She Likes

Do you like bad boys? Yeah... Great, I'm bad at everything.

17 thoughts on “He’s a Bad Boy, Just As She Likes”

  1. First

  2. Being first isn’t always best. The second mouse gets the cheese.

  3. Actualy the (N+1)th mouse gets the cheese, being N the number of mouse traps

  4. Holy crap, what a couple of freaken geeks.

  5. Speaking of geeks, have any of you ordered your Trump action hero card yet.
    At only $99.00 order a couple.

  6. It always depends on the trap. When you think of those bucket traps you can get N(max) mice. And N=0 mice will get the cheese.

  7. Geeks do not vote Trump. Geeks can see right through his criminal fassade.

  8. Are those the same geeks that didn’t see the laptop from hell?

  9. Just keep ordering until you get the one you want! ( you don’t get to choose which one. )

    What a con artist.

  10. Lol . Laptop from hell.

    So some repair man messed with it, and he gives it to this corrupt lawyer, and we’re supposed to believe what’s on it without ever seeing it for ourselves??

    I’ve got some great water front property to sell you in Florida.

  11. A bargain if you don’t believe in climate change.

  12. When will they errect a monument for the mysterious laptop?

  13. I’m a bad, bad boy.

  14. Buy my worthless NFTs to fund my luxorious conman life!

  15. Today I will defend a corrupt pedo family to own a corrupt orange dude.
    I’m the smart geek who can count mice.

  16. Get back into the basement cellar you geeky bastard.

  17. “corrupt pedo family”. Sounds like GOP. How’s Matt Gaetz these days? Still in girl trafficking business?

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