EU & USA In Nearest Future

Couple waiting to hear from waiter on results of background checks prior to receiving cutlery.

20 thoughts on “EU & USA In Nearest Future”

  1. Stop crying, no one’s coming to take your stupid guns away.

  2. It’s Londonstan, not the USA and EU.

    But how can you talk about stupid Londonstan when Art Bell is dead?

    Let’s have a moment of silence for Art Bell……..

  3. True. UK isn’t EU anymore – soon. It will be a new US state.

  4. Plastic sporks will save us.

  5. @Euro
    You will like NASCAR instead of suckerball as our 51st state. Do we have to take The Queen too?

  6. This won’t happen in the US because I have complete confidence in Trump to solve these kind of problems!

  7. Oops, wrong screen name.

  8. This is more of a Khan job. I think Londonstanners appreciate the great job he’s doing. I am personally for to removing access to pointy objects if it makes Londonstanners safer.

  9. I could live with a spork.

  10. Political nonsense

  11. globalists thank you for focusing on anything but them and their agenda.

  12. They are killing us. Don’t tell them it’s ok

  13. @EUro :

    You mean it wasn’t already for the last 3 decades-something….

  14. London ,on the CUTTING edge of DIVERSITY.

  15. Me? I blame the UK Cutlery Association. Until they are brought to heel these attacks will continue. For the safety of our children this terrorist organization must be outlawed.

  16. Only the pussy British will allow this to happen.

  17. Hand off my hat!

  18. I see. Next time post under your own screen name, Dumbo.

  19. I prefer to live with a woman. But everyone as he pleases.

  20. I don’t know what we in the EU should do with your lame car races. And I doubt the British will like it. But yes, you have to take the Queen too. Overall a better choice than King Trump, no doubt.

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