Baby Sleeping Schedule

I'm exhausted, I was up till 4am with the baby. It's probably not good to keep a baby up that late.

6 thoughts on “Baby Sleeping Schedule”

  1. Victim blaming.

  2. Nobody cares. You chose to have kids. They’re your problem.

  3. Chose to have kids? Whaddaya talking about? I just wanted sex.

  4. Whites think it’s their duty not to have children. Climate change etc.. Immigrants on the other hand believe having as many children as possible is their duty. Out breed and use demographics to take over the countries that welcomed them. It’s a solid plan and it’s working. Not going to go well for those countries for sure.

  5. Immigrants have many kids because kids are the retirement plan in poor countries. Once you are to old to work your grown-up children will take care of you.
    In every developing poor country the birth rate drops as soon as salaries and wealth begin to rise. People can put back money for later or the country establishes pension insurance.
    If you are bothered by too many immigrant kids fight poverty, not people.

  6. Easy to say when your not living in the country being invaded by people who only take.

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