Build a Baby Flask: Hide Your Drinking Habit In Plain Sight!



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  1. Castillion April 4, 2015

    People would take less notice of a man with a drink than with a man carrying a dolly.

  2. Too Much... April 5, 2015

    work for what it is. He’s a ******.

  3. Just Sayin' April 5, 2015

    All that work, and you fill it with Gallo?

  4. Dr. Ubritius April 5, 2015

    …nice Multitool he got there :-)

  5. It would take less time to move to another country. Maybe one with more civil rights..

    • Curious Capitalist April 5, 2015

      How much do they pay for turning regular comments into political issues? Where do i sign up? Seems lucrative.

  6. The weird plastic taste that’s infused into the booze would be awful.

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