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  1. Good photo shopping!

  2. Well, yes, some are quite funny. The German car-plate in picture 4 actually isn’t an official car plate. Wouldn’t be allowed to use this in traffic. And it is not funny either.

  3. mongys_chorus April 15, 2019

    The best two I’ve seen here in the UK, are: SPL 1F & PEN 15

  4. The multi-color Volkswagen was actually sold like this, except the rims. Special mdel name “Harlequin”.

  5. Oh god, those lisence plates… 🤪 how on earth did they think of this?

  6. Iron Hippo April 16, 2019

    That “OIL LOL” is from Sweden.

    There is actually also a red Tesla around here with “LOL OIL”.

  7. I just applied for FN3PUTT. Hopefully censors don’t care about golf.

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