12 thoughts on “20 Brilliant Licence Plates That Are Actually Funny”

  1. Good photo shopping!

  2. Well, yes, some are quite funny. The German car-plate in picture 4 actually isn’t an official car plate. Wouldn’t be allowed to use this in traffic. And it is not funny either.

  3. The best two I’ve seen here in the UK, are: SPL 1F & PEN 15

  4. The multi-color Volkswagen was actually sold like this, except the rims. Special mdel name “Harlequin”.

  5. Oh god, those lisence plates… 🤪 how on earth did they think of this?

  6. I know but I thought it was some “United Colors of Benetton” shit going on…

  7. PEN 15 doesn’t exist. SPL 1F is on a red Ferrari.

  8. Sorry, a blue Ferrari. (Who would want a blue Ferrari?)

  9. That “OIL LOL” is from Sweden.

    There is actually also a red Tesla around here with “LOL OIL”.

  10. I just applied for FN3PUTT. Hopefully censors don’t care about golf.

  11. Only as Polo 6N,not as Golf III.

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