Photographer Takes His Dog On Awesome Roadtrips

Theron Humphrey likes to take his dog Maddie on awesome¬†roadtrips. He calls it “This Wild Idea” and featured below is a selection of the best moments from their adventures.

7 thoughts on “Photographer Takes His Dog On Awesome Roadtrips”

  1. Wow, much nice! Lovely dog or at least she looks like one. There were few masterpieces and some bit too setup picture, but enjoyable nonetheless.
    Am I not entertained? I am.

  2. Dog is a scoff-law. Lookit the last pitcher.

  3. Such wow. Much cute.

  4. What a great guy Theron Humphrey must be and what a lucky dog Maddie is to have him in his life!!! To have that special bond with your dog is truly awesome. It has been 3 years since our dog has passed and it makes me miss him more. It’s wonderful Theron is such a beautiful photographer that he can capture these beautiful times in his life with Maddie. I never leave comments, but had to with this one. You go Theron and Maddie. Love you both and wish you all the happiness in the world! Terri

  5. the dog has a more exciting life than i have.

  6. Went for a walk, still hasn’t returned.

  7. I tho the same thing -.-

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