Damn Autocorrect Ruining Careers Again


Care to explain the text I got last night? OMG I'm so embarrassed, it was autocorrect. Autocorrect wrote "f**k you and you're stupid job"? Yeah it's supposed to say "your".


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  1. Hi, my name is Donald, the legitimate President of the United States.
    I was told the Jan. 20th committee has cancelled their Wednesday
    shit show. They know they are just telling conspiracy clap trap. They
    tried to say a hurricane in Florida had them do this. How ridiculous;
    Florida is thousands of miles from Washington.
    My old pal Roger S is being picked on again, how many times will I
    have to reprieve this poor soul?
    Supper time, my chef is preparing me a big fat juicy beef streak with
    a small side of mushrooms and prawns, tummies gotta go.

  2. Whom ever invented auto correct should have his
    ballon kicked. Damn, should read balls kicked.


  4. Millennial resignation letter…

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