What Do You Know About Atoms?

She's not wrong, you know. Atoms are indeed very, very little tiny things.

12 thoughts on “What Do You Know About Atoms?”

  1. hm, that pun does not work in German as we have separate words for:
    I know little about atoms: wenig
    Atoms are little: klein

  2. Hmm… I guess it was good the meme wasn’t in German then, eh?

  3. Indeed. And in chemical synthesis we use very small tweezers to move them about.

  4. That’s a klein bottle versus that’s a Klein Bottle

  5. kleine Bottle – And “bottle” is “Flasche” in German.

  6. Just like Trump’s hands.

  7. @Effendi: Pity nobody cares, eh?

  8. When did EatLiver get bought out by DadJokes.com?

  9. Who?

  10. A responsible adult rejects non-orientable shapes

  11. On the day Dad was eating out BoughtLiver.cs

  12. This was an answer. The related thread got deleted…

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