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  1. To oppress Mr. Black.

    • Wuhan!GotYouAllInfected February 15, 2022

      A bold assumption? Like taking a gene therapy and calling it a vaccine?
      The plandemic of the “fully vaccinated” rages on as the latest data shows that the vast majority of hospitalizations and deaths from the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) are occurring in people who took the jabs.

      Public Health Scotland (PHS) is reporting that an astounding four out of every five covid hospitalizations and deaths are jabbed, meaning only 20 percent of hospitalizations and deaths blamed on covid are occurring in the unvaccinated.

      According to the figures, cases were down overall in February compared to January. However, the bulk is still comprised of fully vaccinated individuals, including the triple-vaccinated.

      The data shows that the latest “wave” of negative health outcomes is occurring in three-pricked people, a demographic in which the death rate soared by 495 percent in the month of January.

      “Overall cases have dropped in the last month in all demographics significantly compared to the number of cases recorded between 11th Dec and 7th Jan 22, but in both months the vaccinated have accounted for the vast majority of cases,” reported the Daily Exposé.

      “The main difference between the two months is that the double vaccinated accounted for the majority of cases between 11th Dec and 8th Jan 22; recording 145,890 cases, but the triple vaccinated accounted for the majority of cases between 8th Jan and 4th Feb 22; recording 46,951 cases.”

      The plandemic would already be over were it not for the “vaccines”
      It turns out that the case rate is dropping substantially among the unvaccinated while it continues to rise among the fully vaccinated, and especially among the fully-fully vaccinated who are getting three shots or more.

      Between December 11 and January 7, the non-jabbed population accounted for just 15 percent of all new cases of the Fauci Flu. One month later from January 8 through February 4, that percentage dropped to less than 13 percent.

      Meanwhile, the vaccinated population accounted for 85 percent of all new cases between December 11 and January 7, with just 9 percent of those cases occurring in the one-dose vaccinated.

    • From the website of Public Health Scotland (PHS): “COVID-19 related hospital admissions continue to be 3-4 times lower in individuals who have received a booster of third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, than in unvaccinated individuals.”

    • They’ve never been able to even test for COVID………

      FDA document admits “Covid” PCR test was developed without isolated samples for test calibration, effectively admitting it’s testing something else.
      A document just released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) openly admits that the infamous PCR test for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) was developed not with actual samples, but rather with what appears to be genetic material from a common cold virus.
      In the FDA document it is stated that ordinary seasonal flu genetic material was used as the testing marker in the PCR test kits because the authorities knew that many people would test “positive” for it thus allowing them to use these results to create the Covid narrative.
      It is somewhat of a lengthy read, but have a look for yourself and see
      [12:07 PM]
      the deception in plain sight. There is no legitimate test out there that accurately identifies the presence of SARS-CoV-2.
      From the document:
      “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV were available for CDC use at the time, the test was developed and this study conducted, with assays designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV
      RNA was tested with stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA (N gene; GenBank accession: MN908947.2) of known titer (RNA copies/µL) spiked into a diluent consisting of a suspension of human A549 cells and viral transport medium (VTM) to mimic clinical specimen
      Another revelation in the document is the admission by the FDA that test results are “pooled” together to produce numbers that are inaccurate. The FDA is quite literally manufacturing data to support a false narrative.
      We are now at a crossroads worldwide.
      The time is upon us to decide if we are going to allow this type of medical fascism to persist, and impact upon the futures of our children. Or if we are finally going to say no to tyrannical government policy…

      fda. gov/media/134922/download

    • This “news” was already debunked in Oct 2020.

  2. Because you’re a weenie.

  3. JoHo Staffer. February 15, 2022

    Always ask your staff what state your in and don’t read the meta notes on the prompter.

  4. If you protest medical marshal law, just assume you will get, just plain old marshal law.

  5. Canadians need to make a run on the Banks before this madman destroys the entire country. He’s going to take your money anyway. Get your money out now. How can you not see whats happening! These never before used powers will be used against anyone who disagrees with his agenda. If you let this stand you will NEVER be free again.

  6. Can Canadians finally admit that Trudeau is literally Hitler?

    • Doubtfull. He’s handling the antivaxxer terrorist attack well so far.

    • If you want to call running away and hiding well-handled then sure, Justin Castro is “handling it well” cough cough fart…

    • Trudeau IS A COMMUNIST, not a National Socialist.

    • Concerned citizen February 19, 2022

      Trudeau is a sneaky little bastard who loves to divide Canadians
      who do not agree with his socialist agenda. He is very good at
      attack politics. He is the most devious prick ever elected in Canada.

  7. Just saw the cartoon you copied this from yesterday. You’re getting quicker at stealing content. Good job!

  8. drama boy in black face February 15, 2022

    15 days to flatten the small fringe minority revolt then I will remove my martial law edict.

    • As with Covid, the Canadian people will never get their freedom back. If they had any in the first place. Get your $ out of the banks. Chinas social credit system in here in Canada. End of a great country. Glad I got out.

    • From an American who doesn’t know what freedom is because his country is just N°15 on the freedom level. Canada is N°6.
      U.S. Fail.

    • I’m not an American. I’m a Canadian hiding in the US until my country decides weather they want to be China or Canada. I’m not taking your jab. Neither are my kids. And with Trudeau now declaring marshal law I still think it was a good move. America’s aren’t visited by the police over Facebook posts. America’s can own guns for self defense. Americans still have freedom of speech. Tell me more about how free my countrymen are. Canada is a prison. It’s why I left before they sealed the country.

    • Poor children.

    • Not a consumer of state funded MSM media February 16, 2022

      It’s amazing that the original post lacks specifics as to the subject of the post yet the planet knows who it’s directed at.

    • It does indicate the topic and the author. Anonymous#2 read “drama boy in black face” and knew exactly who it was. He answered that canada-fleeing wittless worm who posts here all the time. He moved to the US because Canada was racist enough for him. That says all.

  9. Companies and individual investors in Canada are fleeing. If the Banks can just take your money if you don’t shut up and do as your told then Canadian Banks and companies are to risky. This will cost Canada billions not to mention people closing out their personal accounts. Even if you hate the freedom protests, what about next time. If your money isn’t free, then you are not free. Take your money and run while you can.

    • At least the Canadians have money and not just debt. No wonder the US need new war to plunder another country

  10. AntivaxAntiBrains February 16, 2022

    Stop talking about Canada. I want to hear more from the resident anti vaxxer who fabricates facts as though people are too stupid to question a post on a humorous website.

    • You overestimate his ability for imagination.

    • I know, just shut up slave. Hide what’s happening in Canada. We wouldn’t want people to know how we’re now ruled by Socks the dictator. Sad.

    • Still not as bad as Trump’s killing spree. Killing nearly a million of your own people… wow.

    • To the dummy Anon above:
      the death count under Trump was 220,000
      UNDER BIDEN IT’S OVER 900,000.

    • To the dummy Anon above:
      you are blaming Biden for not forcing you to take the vaccine.

  11. Got my $ out. Demand cash when you close your accounts. Don’t except a check. All banks have to have enough cash “on hand” to cover all funds in their accounts. That’s the law. 5 people waiting behind me to do the same thing. Better hurry.. if only 10% of people withdraw at once, the whole system goes Boom!

  12. Banks can’t have enough cash on hand to cover all funds in their accounts.
    Take the UK as an example.
    The Nat West bank has 960 branches.
    A customer can withdraw their cash from any branch.
    So in an extreme case all of the banks customers could demand to withdraw their cash from one branch. This could be any of the branches, so the total combined amount of cash which would be have to be on hand in the entire chain of branches would be 960 times the total assets of all their customers combined. This is obviously impossible.
    You can withdraw up to a certain amount on demand but if you want to withdraw a very large amount of money you have to request it a couple of days in advance.

  13. All 5 major Canadian Banks are off line. Some ATMs have money but most are out. The Banks have locked down all funds. Told ya, but would you listen.. nope. Trudeau either did this on purpose or he’s the stupidest politician on earth. Far worse then the Orange Clown. He HAD to see this coming. Knew it would happen. Most people got out minutes after they heard. Stock in Canadian Companies beginning to fall rapidly as investors abandon the sinking ship that is Canada.

  14. Bank Run Bob February 17, 2022

    5 of Justine’s biggest banks are shut down for “unknown” reasons.

  15. Probably because jerks like the person above are drawing their money out.

    • I think you misspelled smart people, as in “smart people” are drawing their money out. It’s THEIR money. Or do you think The Great Leader Trudeau owns all the money?

    • Smart people would not write all that crap you do. They would keep the information for themselves to gain an advantage.

  16. Don’t want my Countrymen hurt by Lil Hitler. The people can overrule him by pulling their money out of his economy. Everyone is telling them to do it not just me. The world is watching. Do you guys get any outside news there or has it become North Korea.

    • Also you are a lier. February 17, 2022

      You only care about yourself. Why else would you have fled your country. You are a coward. You Sir, have no honour.

  17. No, when your country is no longer free it becomes something else. My country was Canada. Canada no longer exists. Ask Supreme Leader Trudeau what the new name is.

  18. North Korea: people can’t leave the country, people can’t disagree with, or hold any beliefs other then that of The Supreme Leader or they will be punished.
    Canada: people can’t leave the country, people can’t disagree with, or hold any beliefs other then that of The Supreme Leader or they will be punished.

  19. The Real Anon February 18, 2022

    I’m not sure what is more amusing, that people are trying to paint Canada….Canada of all places, as the new Nazi Germany, or that they are trying to do it on a humor website that gets what? 20 unique hits a day?

    Nicely played you loons.

    • Not people – just one loon who’s pesting people here about Trump, vaccination conspiracies and Canada for months.

  20. Oh I see.. you can only bash American and Christianity on the site or else your a loon. Well sorry that what’s going on in Canada has the world shocked. The videos of the gestopo arresting people for “speech violations” are some of the most watched videos on the internet. But on here, people are actually defending these actions or trying desperately to cover them up. So trash American and Western Civilization and it’s all good. Comment on the rise of Nazi Canada and Reeee! What a sad, sad group of Marxist.

    • Rest of the World February 19, 2022

      Nah, we are not shocked and no one thinks Canada is marxist now. Only you. More shocking are truckers blocking infrastructure in midth of a pandemic. This is close to terrorism. The world agrees.

    • Donald Putin February 19, 2022

      Didn’t your momma ever hug you or even pay attention to you?

  21. The world isn’t shocked.
    If someone in Canada, or anywhere else on the planet, preaches hatred against certain groups of people based on their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or any other such categories, then they deserve to face penalties.
    The Canadian Government is right to try and promote vaccinations as they are the only way out of the pandemic.
    It’s the anti vaxers, conspiracy theorists and other assorted nutters have prolonged the covid epidemic long after it could have been ended.

  22. It’s interesting that there seems to be a correlation between the number of grammatical errors in a post and the level of anti-vaccination, anti-Canada and pro-Trump comments.

    • The Freedom Convoy, pizza ovens, people singing and dancing, bouncy castles, honkin horns.. oh the horror. BLM/Antifa riots.. mostly peaceful protests that we’re entirely cool with no matter how many buildings burn or the number of people killed. What must it be like to live in clown world. I remember Trudeau speaking out about how great the Farmer Protests in India were. Now, some honking horns and he declares martial law, removes everyones free speech, civil rights and illegally freezes citizens bank accounts who disagree with his ideology. The world is shocked because nothing like this has ever happened before in Canada. Only failed states which Canada now is. Your nothing but Bolsheviks and now we know. Thanks.

    • Blocking infrastructure during a pandemic is terrorism. Trump would have sent the army.

  23. Just watched the video of Canadas Brown shirts on horses trampling peaceful protests. How can anyone defend this. America is considering sanctions against Canada for human rights abuses and they should!

    • Millions of dollars from outside of Canada has funded radical elements for years.
      Much of these funds anti-oil, anti-pipeline or anti-forestry industries. Many
      Canadians have complained for years about these funds. The Federal Government
      has always ignored, or sometimes have encouraged these foreign payments.
      Now that some foreign funds have funded the truckers demonstrations our Federal
      Government is freaking out, and trying to convince all Canadians that our democracy
      is under attack from foreign players. What a slap in the face to the millions of
      Canadians who have shown sympathy or support to these demonstrators.

    • Terrorists can come from outside and within. It’s good the Canadian government finally realizes that U.S. based groups try to destroy their country. Those truckers are just tools. But the U.S. failed on an invasion of Canada once, they will fail again. Go Canada.

  24. Just watched the viral video of Canadian Police on horseback trampling a disabled old lady using a walker. Your propaganda and BS conspiracy theory about the US won’t work. Everyone see’s in real time what’s happening in Ottawa. Justine Trudeau is literally Hitler and the police are his jack booted brown shirts. Stop lying. We see you and your evil as fu@#!

    • I doubt you kow anything about Hitler.

    • if trudeau begins attacking protesters he is becoming trump

    • Was the horse using the walker in your fever dream. Canadians do not call their police the Canadian Police, they are more specific. Do you think that in NYC they say the U.S. police arrested someone? Derp!

    • He’s Elon Musk. What does he know about Canadian police?

  25. I’m realizing that what everything people around the world are seeing in the videos from Ottawa are some how not being seen by the people who live in Canada. Like claiming the disabled old lady story was a dream. So media in Canada is censoring news IN Canada. Jesus. Thing are worse then we realized. Go to CITIZENS FREE PRESS.COM or just search for the video. There are live feeds of what Tyrant Trudeau is doing to his own citizens. Think the people on here WANT this kind of Tyrannical Government somehow. Canada is lost. American sanctions for human rights abuses coming. BOYCOTT all Canadian goods and services!

    • Western Star Trucks come out of Canada. Getting rid of all ours ASAP and will never buy another.

    • mediabiasfactcheck com indicates that site is far right close to extreme with mixed content. Not a reliable source about news. Lots of fake news.

  26. I didn’t go to the site, but another site, “says” that it’s this or that. Think about. Pathetic. Make your own judgments, stop letting people tell you what to think. Never mind. Your not capable of that anymore. You just believe what the hive mind tells you to. The videos of the horses trampling people are real, and there everywhere. Your a Leftist zombie incapable of rational thought because you are denying reality. It’s a cult now.

    • What tells you I didn’t check your fake news site? It is obviously rightard stuff. One wonders who the zombie is…

  27. Did you see the video you claimed was fake? No lie and say it’s fake again. Useless. Never mind.

    • Yes, I did. She’s lucky. A separated shoulder is the least what you get when you throw yourself in front of a horse. Maybe she has depresssions and a death wish. Martyr complex maybe. Hard to say.

    • American police would have shot her.

    • You see? There is no hope for these people. They are completely brain washed. The new religion of the Left. Come this Fall when they their leaders are put to the curb we’ll be laughing our butts off. And they know it’s coming, which makes it even funnier 🤣

    • You see? There is no hope for these people. They are completely brain washed. The new religion of the Right. Come this Fall when they their leaders are put to the curb we’ll be laughing our butts off. And they know it’s coming, which makes it even funnier

    • I bet that old lady got good U.S. money for her show for rightard fake news media.

    • It was the old ladies fault not #blackface Hitler. This is what the vax does to your mind.

    • She got rabies. Explains a lot.

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