Welcome To The Assumption Club

Welcome to the Assumption Club, where everyone boldly jump to conclusions and leap to ludicrous presumptions faster than you can say, “Wait, what the hell just happened?”

So, I think we all know why we're here...

5 thoughts on “Welcome To The Assumption Club”

  1. Shouldn’t there be a hyphen berween the S and U? 🤔

  2. It’s smarter to make an assumption then it is to believe!

  3. I believe those two dudes would love to jump that women’s bones.

  4. That war in Israel is starting to piss me off. Ever since it started all the
    news outlets including Fox have completely ignored my legal woes, and
    have devoted much too much valuable time on some mid east scrap.

  5. Just go to this site Don. It’s ALL they talk about.

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