Guy Creates “Passive-Aggressive Art Gallery” For His Roommate’s Mess


Justin Cousson got tired of cleaning up after his messy roommate. So rather than constantly reminding him to tidy up, he created the “Passive-Aggressive Art Gallery”.


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  1. He’s in the USA. Why doesn’t he simply sue his room-mate. Yes, would be less funny, but he’d be rich afterwards.

  2. Roommate. Left on the floor for dead. 2017
    Problem solved.

  3. Mebbe his roommate could start a obsessive-compulsive art gallery and charge double.

  4. Had one of those. Finally kicked him out. And I don’t have to deal with the shit ever again.

  5. On The Spectrum March 27, 2017

    How can you tell if milk is rancid if year is not part of date?

    • The trunkmonkey March 30, 2017

      It says “SELL BY MAR 11”.
      It’s safe to assume the milk got sold after applying the stamp.
      We’re good.

  6. vidalia poopnoodle March 27, 2017

    and that’s why i live alone.

  7. Kind of a whiney ****.

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