It Really Is!

If you don't want people to argue with you on the Internet then you shouldn't post your opinions on controversial issues. Also organic food is bullshit.

8 thoughts on “It Really Is!”

  1. No reason to argue. Both statements are true.

  2. Opinion – a belief not necessarily supported by facts.

  3. Completely agree

  4. That’s your opinion

  5. And where, in this world, are we to find these “facts” you speak of? The media? The Government, academy? I think perhaps not.

  6. Generally, Anonymous, natural sciences aim to find facts. But even these are not trusted by some super intelligent folks. But a carbon dioxide molecule does not care whether someone believes in it or not. It just does what it does according to its chemical and physical properties. The same goes for, for instance, a virus.

  7. Wikipedia is pretty reliable.
    People complain about it because someone can modify it, but only the modifications that are verified with references stay. The most accurate information stays. B.S gets rejected before it’s even public.

    Most sources/sites don’t use references or evolve to become more and more accurate over time. The people who don’t trust it belong with the flat earther types.

  8. Hmmmm…

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