You Never Listen To Me!

You never listen to me!

15 thoughts on “You Never Listen To Me!”

  1. Old Joke is old…

  2. Old comment about old joke is also old.

  3. Yeks, Bruh

  4. Trump voter.

  5. Thank you for your support.

  6. Biden is going to destroy Trump. How could he not?

  7. Because he’s going senile and crazy, and yet somehow still manages to be one of the single most boring individuals on the face of the planet?

  8. You know, all these trump voters they point out on here are really starting to add up. Biden should maybe come out of hiding and start campaigning?

  9. Well Bush got reelected. He invaded a sovereign country, wire tapped our phones, and started torturing people, but the ‘small government’ folks in our country reelected him anyway. It makes perfect sense. They wanted government to come in and solve that huge problem where gay people wanted to get married. They are the party of #Freedom….?

    Half the country hated Obama and he got reelected too. We seem to be creatures of habit…. pretty hard to get people to change parties and it’s hard to defeat incumbents.

  10. You are hamsters. Your political system is an ever turning hamster wheel. Same mistake every 4 years. Over and over again.

  11. And yet.. the American people keep doing extremely well. Exceeding all expectations time and time again. Worry about Hong Kong. Worry about growing discord between China and the Free world. We got this. After all, we’re Americans. And based on how obsessed This site is with us I guess that still means something.

  12. I saw this one only 18 times this year on eatliver.

  13. You are NOT doing well. You are in decline. Your friends are worried about you.


  15. See. Get some help. Seriously. It’s like watching a cripple drag themselves across a road refusing help the whole time just for the attention. Sad.

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