Archduke Franz Ferdinand Wasn’t The Only Casualty That Day

Everyone always freaks out how the assassination of archduke Franz Ferdinand started the World War 1. Nobody ever talks about the driver. He didn’t get 5 stars. How is that fair?

Archduke Franz Ferdinand wasn't the only casualty that day. Nobody ever talks about the driver. He didn't get 5 stars.

11 thoughts on “Archduke Franz Ferdinand Wasn’t The Only Casualty That Day”

  1. And as always, the Austrians started the war and the Germans get blamed for it.

  2. I would like to congratulate Americas media for keeping a straight
    face while discussing David Pecker’s roll in the Trump trial.
    This must have been extremely difficult for the female announcers,
    and court reporters.
    I’ll bet though that after hours many a Pecker joke has been shared
    with these people.

  3. It was a Serbian plot to assassinate the heir to the Austrian/Hungarian
    throne. Austria wanted to immediately attack Serbia, but showed
    restraint because Russia was backing the Serbs. Germany’s Kaiser
    gave Austria German support.
    It is unfair to blame only Germany for the start of World War 1, one
    could point their finger at Austria, Serbia, Russia, and even France.
    Guarantees were being made that encouraged hostilities a certainty.
    Unfortunately history shows the loser usually gets all the blame.

  4. It’s a big coincidence that the winners are always the good guys

  5. Russia is always involved.

  6. F*** Europe. 2 World Wars going on 3. Now they are getting imported Mohammedans and Africans which should make them more peaceful. :laugh:

  7. Why was there no revolution in the USA yet?
    There is no USA embassy.

  8. Missed the Civil War in your history coloring book, didn’t we?

  9. USSA Amerikan Observer -we are still better, kinder, wiser and more intelligent than you. Long live the EU!

  10. It is so sad, that jewish people suffered that much in the last WW. But luckily now they started WW 3 by themselves and get their chance for revenge.

  11. NoHumanisillegal – Your sarcasm is not to far off the truth.

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