Apple iVac



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  1. Wait, what? Oh… I see what you did there.

  2. That’ s when i cut Eatliver from my favorites. Thank you and good night – suckers..!

  3. Except your wallet, you mean…

  4. IDK what planet you’re on but the people on this planet who buy the apps and games i make for their iDevices seem to disagree.
    I’ll happily keep making them too.

  5. That Was Brilliant March 26, 2015

    lol at the butthurt Apple fan boys, JX and ADev. This was a brilliant jab at Apple. Admit it, you chuckled a bit before it sunk in and now you’re upset that your precious Apple overlords were violated by a mere joke.

  6. MeLikeMacButAlsoAndroid April 1, 2015

    Ya gotta be multi platform like me

  7. Looks like nice vacuum. What is all the fuss about? JX and ADev, lets see your hovers.

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