Apple iVac

8 thoughts on “Apple iVac”

  1. Cool

  2. Wait, what? Oh… I see what you did there.

  3. That’ s when i cut Eatliver from my favorites. Thank you and good night – suckers..!

  4. Except your wallet, you mean…

  5. IDK what planet you’re on but the people on this planet who buy the apps and games i make for their iDevices seem to disagree.
    I’ll happily keep making them too.

  6. lol at the butthurt Apple fan boys, JX and ADev. This was a brilliant jab at Apple. Admit it, you chuckled a bit before it sunk in and now you’re upset that your precious Apple overlords were violated by a mere joke.

  7. Ya gotta be multi platform like me

  8. Looks like nice vacuum. What is all the fuss about? JX and ADev, lets see your hovers.

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