Apple Is So Amazing!

6 thoughts on “Apple Is So Amazing!”

  1. YES! A fresh (actually, really old…) gag to remind us of the Eat Liver guy’s whiny Apple obsession!

  2. Don’t whine.

  3. But think of it.. IPhone 6S with 2GB of ram. Oh wow! Android got 2GB of ram sience… when ?!:) But yes, really worth it at 899USD >.>

  4. lol so true

  5. but isnt it just da same? i mean y did thay make da prise more?

  6. Steve Jobs stole the idea and now it’s by Apple. It may not be as usefull and fully-featured as other pots but it’s by Apple. You pay for Apple. Buy it. It new. From Apple. … Oh, and you can only boil apple juice in it not regular water like in other pots. But that’s make you special as this product is so special. That’s what you pay for. Buy it.

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