How God Created Ants

God was so cruel to ants... Seriously, not cool. Imagine if God created humaneaters!

31 thoughts on “How God Created Ants”

  1. Nice!

  2. I still think you are a product of evolution, not creation.

  3. Justine will tell you what to think and you WILL comply. Hail Justine!

  4. Think whatever you want, even if it’s wrong,

  5. Shut up, religious nut.

  6. Better 50 Justines than half a Trump.

  7. But Americans voted him out. Justine is forever. Haha

  8. I love how everyone on this site thinks talking about Trump wins any debate. Biden is a senile old crook… well… Trump. Justine is corrupt. Well… Trump. As if two wrongs make a right. Leftist logic. Sad.

  9. Getting a taste of how it feels to have your country trashed 24/7 huh 🤔

  10. Yet, both of them are not in prison with one leg and pay their taxes. I’m the best crook. All others are sore losers. No one is as crooked as I am. Period.

  11. Poor ‘Mericans. Sad ‘Mericans. They had it coming.

  12. Until Canadians vote him out. Still Canadians are a much happier people than Americans in 2020. 11th place for Canada, a sore 18th place for the USA. Several points worse than the years before Trump. Swamp king loves sh*tholes. That’s where he thrives.

  13. Wanted to post Trump’s criminal record but it’s too many characters for the posting system… :-[

  14. At least they don’t kill endangered tiger cubs. Maybe Justine “Pierre” (Castro) Trudeau wanted a snack. Canadians are animals.

  15. Americans shooting children on the highway again. Freedom shots.

  16. Yes, Donald Trump jr. is a passionate big game hunter. And Daddy even allowed import of trophies of endangered species. Criminal Trump family is criminal.

  17. It won’t work. Trump clown is gone. Justine Pierre Trudeau, the most corrupt PM in our countries history is and will be PM for years to come because Canadians are spineless. Worry about your Own country for once.

  18. Poor loser can’t accept a loss. Wanted the swamp drained, yet still supports the wanna be swamp king.
    So sad.

  19. If Trump is gone, than why are republicans still doing whatever he wants?

    Give up on the loser. Stick with the constitution instead.

  20. “I love how everyone….”
    Either you lie or you thrive on Schadenfreude.
    No wonder you post anonymously

  21. Worry about your own country “instead”. No one cares what Canadians think. No one. Your a joke country like Belarus or Poland. As meaningless as Bolivia. Drown in your insignificance already.

  22. Ok.. that might have been over the line. Sorry… but America is to cool to be your whipping boy. Remember you place.

  23. Hahaha, 3rd world country USA.

  24. I am worried about my own country! (not everyone here is a Canadian.)

    Apparently, the GOP is now ok with insurrection and they no longer follow the rule of law. Considering that they make up about half of our government and they are trying to rig the next election, it’s pretty scary.

    I preferred it when we had two parties that were following the constitution. We’re supposed to be a democratic republic. I’m not interested in being ruled by a swamp king!

  25. Prepare for the next Trump coup. He will try again once he has been senteced at court for one of his many crimes. Be prepared.
    All my other predictions I made here came true.

  26. All my other predictions I made here came true when I had my head far enough up my ass, I could see the future. True story. Beware the scary orange man.

  27. Mean while in Canada it’s bread and cheese day, cause why the hell not, and the Nazi RCMP have fined people locked in their homes over 20,000 rubles or whatever these commies use, for poking their heads out to breath some fresh are. Someone needs to start a fund for these poor bastards. Go south people!

  28. Don’t take drug, kids. Or you will end up like this guy.

  29. He’s not scary. He’s just a common criminal. Like most of his followers.

  30. Your kids are all ready taking experimental gene therapy drugs without parental consent. Hail Justine. You lose every time now. Monsters.

  31. Well, @Dat, I have been using this user name on many plattforms for ages. For reasons I won’t disclose ;-) :-P

    As a natural scientist I am definitely on the side of evolutionists.

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