People In Germany Came Up With a Creative Way To Fight Swastikas

There’s a new trend in Berlin. Graffiti artists in Germany are coming together to turn swastikas into much less sinister drawings. They have started #paintback trend – a campaign to turn hateful symbols and slogans on the streets into something funny and artistic.

26 thoughts on “People In Germany Came Up With a Creative Way To Fight Swastikas”

  1. Kauf Busch is not gonna be happy :/

  2. Neither is Trump

  3. Peace

  4. Great idea, but did eatliver actually censor the original swastikas?

  5. interesting how the swastikas are censored like it’s porn, what a time to be offended

  6. i’m guessing not. in germany, displaying one can actually get you in trouble with the law, to the point that the artists that changed them probably didn’t want to risk fines or jail time, even when they were showing before and after pics of how they were defacing the swastikas.

  7. Everybody I don’t like is Hitler

  8. Swastikas have been banned in Germany since 1945, it is not a new thing.

  9. Thats insane, but then again, what else is new in germany.

  10. Swastikas in Germany are like genitals in Japan, you paint a black rectangle over them and pretend that they never existed.

  11. Everyone I don’t like is a Muslim (or immigrant or woman or person of colour, depending on the newsof the day).

  12. it’s just been replaced by a circle of yellow stars on a blue flag. It’s still germany ruling europe and france collaborating and Britain the only ones standing up to them.

  13. I’m sure Jennifer 88 is still available

  14. Stop confirming what I just posted :D

    I know I have no brain to discuss facts, then my only option is to label who I disagree with so I pretend I’ve a superior moral.

  15. Wonder what the Indians (India) and Indians (North American continent) think about this. They had an earlier option on displaying it. It had no bad connotations then.

  16. Originally it had a different meaning in Germany and elsewhere in Europe as well. However the Jews gets offended by the suncross / swastika, and thus it was outlawed in Germany after WWII. A variant of the Swastika, the so called Triskelion – three legged as oppossed to the four legged swastika – is however still in use, for instance on the flag of Isle of Man.

  17. How about spray-painting over other symbols as well .. like muslim stars and david stars?

    let’s be consistent.

  18. That is the most germane statement of Europe that I have seen in years!

  19. Wrong page…….

  20. Not just the jews get offended by swastikas but Germans as well. No one needs more nazis. … no one ever had a need for them.

  21. Swastika was originally a Hindu symbol before it was hijacked by the nazis.

  22. black bar over the swastika. who’s so weak we have to do that for

  23. Germans have the decency to be ashamed of their worst moment.

    Rednecks in America try to act like America’s worst moment was a good idea.

  24. Seriously, you needed the black blocks ? How infantile. Speaks volumes for the state of the societies that need that for their citizens’ sake.

  25. Interestingly an elderly lady from Thuringia was sentenced a fine and on repeat threatened with jail time for covering Nazi graffiti. For vandalism.

    She is on it for 20 years and not going to stop. Now it arrived in the media and I hope they rather give her a medal than jail time.

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