Another Drink? When Too Many Become a Problem?

Alcoholism is no laughing matter. When someone offers you to drink 10 glasses of wine in a single sitting, you know that there’s a problem.

We should go out for another drink sometime. How about 10 tomorrow? No, that's too many.

13 thoughts on “Another Drink? When Too Many Become a Problem?”

  1. Get her drunk then love and leave.

  2. Sound like a typical conservative pick-up, Ron.

  3. You mean “sounds” like a typical Illiterate Marxist? Yes it does.

  4. and too early

  5. Anonymous, you mean, ‘You mean “sounds” like a “typically” illiterate Marxist?”

    Pass it on.

  6. What is the preceeding conversation about? I dont understand.

  7. I think their talking about their fetishes!

  8. It’s an ironic comment about people commenting on people making typos and grammar as if they own the language. Just be kind to each other, guys. We all feck up our speeling and granma sometimes.

  9. what did you just say about my Grandma?

  10. It’s about petty little control freaks who have to correct other peoples tiny meaningless mistakes because it’s the only way they have to express power. These people are usually powerless in the the real world. Momma’s boy types. They usually correct grammar but are always on the look out for even the smallest of mistakes. Truly awful people. Everyone knows one.

  11. “people’s” not “peoples” the noun is possessive dude! Also, can you ask your mom what time she wants me to pick her up? I’m a bit of a momma’s boy, if you know what I mean!

  12. See.. it’s a mental illness. A truly sad one because no can stand to be around them. And my Mom is 76 you sick Fuc&. Of course you’re probably into that.

  13. It seems you put “and” after a period, shouldn’t do that, silly! Also 76 year olds can pull their teeth out, if you know what I mean! Winkedy wink!

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