Another Baby Is a Great Idea

Let's have another baby! That's a relief! I don't like this one either.

32 thoughts on “Another Baby Is a Great Idea”

  1. How’d this one slip by? Did she get vaxed?

  2. This simply won’t do.

  3. Damn all life saving medicine of the 21st century! Back to hitting the drums, dance and sacrificing a lamb! MAGA!

  4. Nazis against the great reset. Doesn’t make sense. All they want IS the great reset.

  5. Medicine for normal people, thoughts and prayers for conservatives. That will save money.

  6. We don’t have crap limited health syatem in the USA that needs to “save money” to decide who gets treagment and who doesn’t. In the USA all you gotta do to have health care is to have a job. There’s no social engineering to decide who gets the spot.

  7. Nazis want Ye 2024

  8. As long as 2024 is Republican Nazis will be happy and free to terrorize the US.

  9. So it’s worst than most sh*thole countries. Sad.

  10. When you get a baby in the U.S. chances are high the infant will die. Google infant mortality rates of countries. American nobility, the 1%, doesn’t give a **** about your children. Job or not.

  11. Mods, can you clean up this site? Storm***s and MAGAts are ruining it for everyone else.

  12. Big announcement January 1st. Stand by!

  13. More NFTs and scams.

  14. Yeah! Censor the site like Twitter and every other site. Why allow the truth when we can all bathe in propaganda. Speaking of which.. now that both the Left and the Right understand they were lied to about the heart attack shots, is Canada going to just euthanize everyone that sues over the many, many adverse effects? Trudeau loves euthanizing people who hold “unacceptable views” on well.. anything.

  15. End physical money, introduce cryptomoney only, prevent low social credit people from spending money.
    This way we can get rid of the nazis and let only pronouns in bio people live well.

  16. You sound vaccinated

  17. The Trudeau fetishist came out of his hole and begins to babble nonsens again. How was Christmas at Walmart?

  18. You sound stupid. No vaccine against that.

  19. Ask the people of Tacoma. GOP Nazis attacked their power plant.

  20. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. As the USSA Amerikan regime/s Black Lesbian Press secretary we are working with Nina Jankowicz our truth minister and singer of Marry Poppins songs to clean up the internet to save democracy. We have dispatched an FBI swat team as well as a New York Times reporter to serve a no knock warrant on the poster at their home.

    Thank you Citizen.

  21. Awwww.. You’re adorable! Thing’s never change here. Often wrong, but never uncertain is this sites moto. Consistency is important. Especially when you’ve left all logic and reason behind. So it’s euthanize the unbelievers in Canada then. Sounds good to us! That combined with you’re ever increasing overall mortality rates thanks to the vaccines, makes Canadian vacations that much more enjoyable for the rest of us. Keep up the good work! Love ya 💙

  22. My name is George Santos and I approve of this message.
    I may be lying though.

  23. Still waiting for the vaccine to kill me… My guess is I’ll rather die in an attack of your Nazi friends than vaccines or even covid.
    You moron.

  24. I’ve been arrested for chld pron on my twitter account. I’ve been hacked! Even if true, this hate speech will cause violence against MAPs. I call on DOJ to regulate speech before people die.

  25. You fool fell for satire. Like all nazis do. Easy volk.

  26. Why would you brag about being a pervert? Also, what kind of violence can be done to a map besides not folding it correctly?

  27. Tax reports for all!

  28. You always know when George Santos is lying, his lips are moving.

  29. You have no idea what you’re talking about, do you?

  30. I do. Children of people of color and minority are especialy in danger of death. The statistic are free and online. And not even new. Look it up. Or just call me a lier and keep sulking.

  31. Liar not lier. Trust me, would I lie to you?

  32. You would, if you are a Republican.

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